Thursday, November 25, 2010

much awaited....

a very happy holidays! 

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday, November 8, 2010

i challenge my challenge....

Because my dear Kym is such a sucker for challenges (note that her blog was set up for her now defunct and very unsuccessful 365 days challenge), she naturally posted this 10 day challenge. And because I'm such an envious sucker! I was thinking of copying her 10 day challenge (which by the way is too sisiw for a challenge... yes moi it's true! hahaha) instead I committed a grave mistake of asking her to give me 10 year ender challenges. Why is it a grave mistake?... let me copy paste WHY!

1. lip sync to a song (kanang latest ha! dili pwede mga nursery rhymes or happy bday or the like) and upload the vid
2. photoshoot... bsta pag photosoot sa imu self. pangitag mu photoshoot nimu.
3. help a beggar on the street. like give him food etc.
4. befriend a mcdo crew.. like ask for his number and dapat ma date nimu siya! hahaha
5. have 6 people hold up the sign "kym's challenge" and take pic. STRANGERS ha.
6. go back to STC and talk to ms.magadan. just for the sake.
7. apply at convergys and dapat ma dawat ka!
8. eat one gallon of ice cream all by yourself!!! in one sitting ha. TAKE VIDEO!
9. wear something pa CUTESY TOOTSEY.. and let's go out. text me!
10. walk around the mall with your fly open. :p 

In response. 

1. Lip syncing? seriously! is my self perceived golden voice that offensive? I take offense at this challenge! haha
2. Narcissism. This I can do. But only after my pimples are gone, coz if I'm just going to indulge in self obsession for a day, might as well do it FLAWLESSLY.
3. Help a beggar! I think I'm the one who actually needs helping. haha. This task pffft! no sweat!
4. I can befriend... I can take the number.. but I don't think I can take him out. Talk about professionalism in workplace flirting 101.
5. THAT'S IT?! I can even do this with my eyes closed! char! hahaha
6. They say blast from the past is fun, but I'm not sure if it would be fun for our former H.S. disciplinarian considering that she'd seen too much of me every single year of my high school life. You know for being the best at being talkative among all others.I'm pretty sure her year wasn't complete without my occasional presence in her conference room. wink!
7. MY GAAAAAAD! I knew you would bring this up! like I seriously had this coming! I think I'm already blacklisted by the call center industry given my history of bunny hopping. Haaaaaays.... we'll see, but don't blame me if they immediately shut their electronic doors before I even get to set foot on their welcome mat.
8. I hate sweets, but I love sitting down, so I think for this challenge I can succeed.
9. What does CUTESY TOOTSEY mean? oh you're talking to me so meaning wear something aside from black, white and brown and dull and plain?... now I get it.... well.. okay! But text you?! mehn!... that's gonna be a loading challenge, don't get your hopes up!
10. Okay. Though I'm pretty sure I've done this unconsciously before, but I survived no humiliation, so I guess I'll just have to ready my best underwear in the cabinet.

So Moi... I don't know where to begin, and how much of the list I will be able to accomplish. But since both our worlds are so small, you'll definitely hear something, be it a success or not.

And Moi (index and middle finger pointing from my eyes to yours)... I'M WATCHING YOU.... through your blogspot.wink! wink!

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Cults - Most Wanted


Sunday, October 31, 2010

katy craze...


Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing ....

Coz I'm feeling so POPish right now. Kill ME. But blame my death on Katy Perry. 
Love her and her sense of humor.
I can actually picture her as part of my circle of friends. Too dreamy? Slap ME.

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the little YELLOW book

Look what I found!

probably the only book that I enjoyed browsing in my entire high school life.  
But wait... here's more.....


The classic BOBOT, in his early year. Hope it's gonna be worth millions one day. hahaha. I know Jea is smiling right now, and Moi some penmanship never change. Yours is certainly the penmanship that brought you all those class officer titles, and I have to say, you make the best secretary. haha. 

Haaaays... the little treasures you can find in the hurdles of boxes and dusts. General cleaning can be therapeutic. Ergo, my lazy bum shall do it once a year. Who knows what I'll find in year 2011. haha! 


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The Young Veins - Change


Monday, October 4, 2010

when mood strikes...

el's Mediterranean dish...


greek salad for an appetizer...
tuscanian chicken white-ribbon-pasta (i semi-totally made this name up) for the main course... 
 bruschetta on the side..
 white wine to top it off...

almost fancy but not quite! forgot the dessert or should i say, ran out of money for the ingredients. haha! but seriously, it was the former, believe me or not.

testing my culinary skills has always been on and off, but mostly it's off. But when the mood strikes, mehn! i can go all the way. by that, meaning all the way to the grocery for some wine and other ingredients, plus a detour to the home kitchens for new plates, wine glasses and etc. thank God! it's always OFF! and thank most to my sister who shouldered a bit of my indulgence. wink!

trust me this doesn't happen all the time, because aside from the fact that i'm too lazy to do my share in the kitchen, i'm too broke to make this my everyday thing. but this kind of thing brings dining experience to a whole new level, so a bit of fancy indulgence every now and then isn't that bad, especially when the tummies around me are satisfied, as evident by their bloatedness. haha. 

so when mood strikes next i have my mind set on thai cooking... wonder when would that be?... hmmm..

Monday, September 27, 2010

to be continued...

"the children are the future."
a cliche. never gave it much thought. 

i know how education is like in this country, but i've never come face to face with it.
holed roofs. rotten ceilings. empty bookshelves. decaying chairs. lifeless classroom. empty-handed students. the face of education in this country.

i understand that education is a necessity in this world, but never had i  realized that sometimes it can be a luxury. and i was / am fortunate.
i strongly think that we are all blessed to be in a position to do our part in this society. all it takes is just a little step joined by many to make it into a big leap
i have no idea how it will turn out, but i'm terribly excited...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I saw her pass away,
I was at her deathbed.
I didn't cry, 
I was prepared. 

I thought I was prepared.
Now, I can't seem to stop the tears. 
They're all falling
as the memories are flooding.

The afternoon chats.
The highways drives.
The endless talks of the past.
The lessons for the future.

The most amazing person.
The most amazing gift.
The most amazing life.
Will forever be missed. 


As I turn 24 I'll celebrate the life of the one most dear.
Hope to God Lola will celebrate it with me.

Monday, September 6, 2010


i don't know if you feel same way as i do, but there are just certain songs that makes you feel like you're in a whole different world, when the truth is you're just at home sitting in front of the computer. it must be melody, or  musical arrangement or the language. but whatever it is, it just feels gooooooood...... 

la vie en rose by pomplamoose 

sometimes those songs can get teeny-winnie-tiny-bit-romantic till' you learn what it really means....

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim- Waters of March

and i have nooooooo idea what it means STILL. but what the heck i looooove it...

ignorance is probably a bliss... 
but music is definitely a universal language....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bally is berry...

You know how it is when you just can't help but sigh and knock some sense into some gifted people for making the wrong career choice in life?. Meet Bally. That's exactly how I feel about her...

For someone who's as colorful as the glossy pages of Vogue magazine, she could do waaaaay better than that dull white nursing uniform. But let's not be selfish, coz on the other hand those patients could need a little color to perk up their weakened state. Let's just hope that this stylist/artist/why-oh-why?!-nurse would be hired to revamp the monochromatic fashion sense of the hospitals. And only then will I say that finally you're putting your nursing to good use. ;)

Seriously Bally, I wish for the time to come when you'll finally be able to put your talent to good use. Don't worry, when I become super duper rich (please wish and pray for that as well), I will hire you as my stylist and this time shopping will done in the real UK and to add to that sweet promise I'll flash your calling card to all my amigas, coz I'll be that sosyal (but I have a feeling we'll still have the same set of friends then.) However, as of the moment, I'll gladly go UK2x hopping for new arrivals with you. Who knows, someday we'll look back at our humble beginnings while sipping tea at some cozy cafe in Paris.

Libre lang ang mangarap,
but tightly crossing my fingers with eyes closed.

P.S. Gayle Opsima, I know you feel the same way about me, but atin2x nlng yun ha, you don't have to make a blog. wink!


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Be Yourself by Morcheeba

Saturday, July 24, 2010

i could fall for you....

the gathering by franco...


i could seriously, honestly, madly fall in love with this kind of guy. 

FRANCO dearest, you give me the chills and butterflies. if fate declares that i can't have you, then by any chance,  do you have a younger brother as talented and as eye candy as you BUT would be interested to the lowly likes of me? if so, ring me.. wink!*

love love love his acoustic versions... never been more high ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

moving backwards....

standing still isn't easy... 
when the world's moving backwards.... 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


lovin' the history....

lovin' the culture... 

lovin' the complications...

Monday, July 12, 2010


stop chasing shadows....

just enjoy the ride...


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enjoy the ride by morcheeba

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

world on screen...

 i haven't been to the rest of the world, yet the world never cease to amaze me...i'm glad i have these... for the time being...

foreign films is love....

like i've always said, there is no greater medium to educate the world with ones culture than through moving pictures. this is the best thing about foreign films, plots are so original that it's making fiction an inch closer to reality. reality though, is not what it will always seem to be, but it's the only world we're living dealing with it... is the only way.

City of God
"disturbingly amazing..."

set in the slums of Brasilia while vividly depicting how the thin the line is between innocence and madness. watching this movie made me question two things... WHERE ON EARTH ARE THE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS?! and IS THIS FOR REAL?!... true enough it really was based on a true story... watch it! it's highly recommended.. (as if my word matters.. ;)

Turtles can fly
"a beautiful melancholy"

it's a sad reality how children are forced to grow up in times of war while only limiting their choices to either life or death. but watching this Iran-Iraqi movie will make you admire the spirit of these kids and at the same make you thank God that you were not born in a war torn place. it's an adorably sad movie. adorable, because some kids were just adorable (especially that cry baby kid, him crying was a comic relief... i have a very twisted emotion... excuse it), and sad because .... you'll just have to see it for yourself. 

"click the title for the trailer"

i haven't seen the movie yet, but when it's the thespian Gael Garcia Bernal on the lead, plus under the direction of Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu it's a sure fire win. Basing on the trailer i'm betting that it's a very dark sinister movie. been wanting to see this for a long time, but unfortunately it doesn't have any subtitles in it. i hate that my parents didn't pay much importance to the spanish language. now i'm very dependent to subtitles! tsk!

"click the title for the trailer"

still haven't seen this movie and still searching for it online. i love that it's a crime movie set in France with a mafia twist in it. i'm crazy about mafias and their twisted way of life and how they never do things halfway. i've been dying dying to see this movie, so please if you have any link to this movie online please let me know and i'll forever be grateful. just to add a bit of sweetness to my convincing powers.. you have no idea what i'll be like when i'm grateful =D

to more movies to come... looking forward to the Jap Film Fest next month while hoping that Cebu will have it's own Cinemalaya...

terminally chill....

because i am loving that phrase so much (thanks to ultimate girl crush isabelle daza) i'll share some terminally chill songs and think that i'm far away from home into the land or ocean of nowhere...

and mi paborito...


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ciao summah!

I know I already made a blog about my last summerscapade, but I think this one will be my super duper last summerscapade. I THINK. 

Anyway for the official closing of my summer 2010, guess where we went to?

the ROAD should tell you something... but not really.
the SWEET CORN should be a clue...but not quite.
and the greeny backdrop should be a dead giveaway.. with no buts.

To complete the summer of 2-OH-10! we (more like I) dragged ourselves to the mountainous area of Cebu.

We attacked the sweet corns at Busay and explored the roads of Balamban for the Adventure Cafe. Adventure Cafe, sad to say, wasn't much of an adventure, or perhaps I've just turned into a zip lining snob since I felt like I've already experienced the ultimate ride at EAT Danao in Bohol. But I have to give them credit for their location, nice view and great Al fresco ambiance... thumbs up.

We may not have found adventure at the cafe but we found a waaaay cooler adventure....

the spontaneity of stopping by the roadside somewhere and climbing in our sandals and slippers to that hilly spot. Reaching the top made me realize that I am living in such a beautiful place and that I seriously need to start exercising, coz my knees were literally shaking while I was trying to catch my breath when I made that sentimental thought.  Seriously! I'll start tomorrow or tomorrow after tomorrow or whenever I feel like it, because again, I am the most spontaneous person in this world but...  

 not when I'm with such an actress of a friend, that I have to play pretend spontaneous acts ;)


And how it gives me the best of both worlds.

Ciao Summer!

German Melanie last week,
Aussie Aaron this week, 
who's next?.... 
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Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I may probably never understand football...
and I may probably never even try to exert an effort to understand it....
I understand.


You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
Get back in the saddle

You're on the front line
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We are getting closer
This isn't over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up, oh oh
If you fall get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Cuz this is Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Listen to your God
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Don't wait in line
Y vamos por todo

People are raising
Their expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Beleive it

If you get down get up, oh oh
When you get down get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

If there is one great view in this world, it is literally seeing people from different walks of life united for a common passion. 

Imagine the gaps connected...
the prejudices set aside...
the colors forgotten... 
and the moment lived....
Imagine the difference...even for just a moment... 

I'm not a fan of football, but am a fan of its cause. I'm not fond of crowds but I dig this kind of gathering. I hate mainstream but I loooove Shakira and everything she represents. And by writing this song she not only made me love her even more but most importantly she got me FIFAfied.

Friday, June 11, 2010

last summascapde...

This summer I am negra to the nth level. 
But before you judge, ask me how I got to be in this color first and I'll answer you that aside from my genetic make up, I got it from this... 

Now who on earth could ever resist this?!!... 


Not even 35-40 degree Celsius, heat wave and El Nino could stop us from embracing the crazy warmth of Mr. Sun. 

Getting cozy with Mr. Sun was supposed to end at Apo Island. But when you got yourself some foreign tourist around, you gotta do what a local gotta do. Show em' around and tag along your beach bum friends for the free ride. ;)

Have a star fishy good time, bask in the sun, play dead in the sand or pretend to be bouldering on the unbouldery rocks. If that isn't enough...


Repeatedly jump as high as you can to get that picture perfect shot. Remember to bring in loads of patience because the one behind the camera may not have the perfect-timing-clicking-talent. This is the part when I miss my FTW buddy, but motha molly... you know I love you... XoXo.. 

And so I end my summer hurrah with my highest jump @ Nalasuan Island.

Till next time BEACH

P.S. that's not my real color up there. I may be negra, but not as negra as that, please trust me :(

By the way Nalasuan Island also has a good marine sancturary. Big corals, colorful fishes... too bad the water was warm (it was actually my first time to swim/ snorkle in a warm sea, unbelievable heat! tsk global warming!). Next time I'll bring an underwater camera so I'll have proof of its beautiful marine life. But don't expect much too soon coz that cam is still displayed at the window of the stores along with the other stuffs in my Christmas wish list. hehe.   


Last Summer hurrah! blog track... 

THE SUMMER by Josh Pyke


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i learned that....

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stuck in the moment by U2

Friday, May 28, 2010

beautiful friends...

the first time i went to Apo island 2 of my friends gave me a send off on the way home by jumping so near our small banka. at that time i was so delightedly shocked that i forgot my camera at hand.

now, for the second time, i never dared to forget my camera coz i know they'll be there waiting for me and i was right! and you know what the best part is? they brought their whole tropa along! how cool is that?!

i love my dolphins.
i love apo island.

and i'm assuming enough to say that i was the reason why they showed up. they are such intelligent creatures that they can sense i'm coming. i'm that special and that's how strong our bond is.

someday my beautiful sea friends i shall swim with you. i shall make it my mission. till then.

i heart ya! ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dumaguete to APO island is loooove....

When you are living in a country with 7,107 islands, depending on how high or low the tide is, it makes sense not to go back to the same place again and again. But like everything else, there's always an exception, and that is Dumaguete....

I got acquainted with Dumaguete because of the pizza that my friend Gayle raved about. And as haughty toity as it may sound, I only went to Dumaguete to eat pizza - 2 SLICES OF PIZZA with a service water to be exact. This has nothing to do with my being a cheapow, I was just shamelessly poor and so were my friends whom I shared slices with. On the brighter side at least I got to taste the pizza, however, I can never tell if it was really that good because my tastebuds were constantly cleansed by the service water that I had to drink to fill my hunger. But if you must ask, the service water was indeed very satisfying...

Aside from the service water, what really draws me to Dumaguete is it's humble charm. For a T-shirt, shorts and tsinelas girl like me, I could totally blend in there. I laaahvet! Plus I left my heart in Apo Island so that pretty much explains why I'll always make Dumaguete as an exception to my self imposed policy.

May 22-24, 2010


This is the 3rd time I've been to the City of the Gentle People and the 1st with my goirls. Left the Cebu South Bus Terminal @ 7am bound for Lilo-an, Santander and arrived at Sipalan after a 15 min fast craft ride and finally reached Dumaguete City in time for lunch. Had a not so yummy lasangna at SANSRIVAL but was compensated by their uber famous delicious-Oh! desert - the Sylvanna.

Shortly after lunch and after abusing our hospitable host, tita Gwen, she then brought to us to the falls to cool our warm bodies. Made a short stop at the....


Literally that mountain of rocks were smokin' hot that it's boilin' water and smellin' nasty. I haven't seen anything like it. I don't know what the geological explanation behind it is, but all I know is that you're guaranteed a hard boiled egg in 15 mins. if you put an egg in its water. Amazing right? But the smell is really bad, but not bad enough to stop us from posing for pictures.


The rocks on this falls are of normal color and so are the other falls in the area where the warm blooded people swam to cool their warm bloods off. But I don't why among the many other normal falls we chose to swam in this...

murky looking falls that tasted a bit like rotten iron. Maybe we just wanted a different colored falls for a change or maybe we were just being selfish to want our own private falls so we didn't have to share it with others. Either way we got what we wanted. We were the only ones freely swimming and climbing on the rocks there. But weirdly enough, we were able to draw spectators among the locals and I only have 2 theories for that. It's either they were mesmerized by the bikini clad monkeys or they knew that that falls has sulfuric content and that we are nuts for jumping in there. Since it was too late to realize the possible dangers of the water, we just comforted ourselves with the fact that Dr. Wong's Sulfur soap is selling like hotcakes so there's no need to worry.


The city is such a small place that it would really be pathetic if you'd still get lost. That's also why I like Dumaguete because even if I still confuse myself with my right or left (that's how big time my sense of direction sucks!), I could still get to wherever I wish to go.

Since it was the last day of the Flores de Mayo, we encountered a parade of trikes on our way to the cathedral. They said that the city usually invites local artistas for their Sta. Cruzan, and we thought that the parade of trikes was already it, but our jolog hopes were immediately dampened when we found out that that was all there was to it, a parade of tricycles. At least we got a picture with the trike.

Day 1 ends

Day 2 begins

APO ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The main purpose of our trip was to bask in this beautiful wonder! I looooove Apo Island. My second time to be there and I have a strong feeling that I'll fall more madly inlove with it every time. It just takes my breath away!

I haven't been to the rest of the Philippines, but I can definitely say that this is my favorite island outside Cebu. The rock formations is SPECTACULAR! the crystal clear water is HYPNOTIC! and the diverse marine life is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

That makes this island so great is the number of activities offered. Being one of the best dive spots in the country and the world, I failed in my promise to go diving the second time I got there. Being a poor miser who's still saving for that diving license and being a cheapow who's allergic to the rates of their discovery dives, I settled for snorkeling which was very addicting.

Snorkeling even in the shallow waters of the island could easily make you forget about the human world. It's like being drawn to the scaly, thrilling and colorful world of fishes and corals. Much more when you're in the marine sanctuary wherein it is just bursting with marine life. It's a magnificent close encounter down there and if lucky you'd be snorkeling with a bunch of Pawikans (turtles).

There's also rock climbing for the adrenaline junkies and the lazying in the sand for the, well, lazy. I like the fact that the island is well protected and that there is a visible cooperation between the leaders and the community. The fees are also well regulated from the banka to the entrance fees and etc. It only gets annoying when there are locals following you around for the fees of this and that. If they could just package all the expenses together then it would be a lesser hassle for the visitors, especially those on a budget like... must I mention who?!

Again, I LOOOOOVE APO ISLAND, and promise-cross-my-heart-hope-to-die the next time I go there I would definitely be diving.


Only in Dumaguete will you find the places that I am about to give a thumbs up.

1. Cafe Antonio. The self proclaimed best in city, is quite true. Among the other food place I've been to it's this quaint homey cafe that made the most impact on me. I'm not a foodie person so what really attracted me to it was the ambiance and the price (again cheapow talking!).

2. Manang Sioning. For a night, I had something in common with the Silimanians. I ate the pink barbecue of Manang Sioning. Initially, the yet to be grilled pink colored BBQ was not very attractive but once it's grilled and served, it's oh sooo yummy! I have to say that it's even better than the ones at Larsian in Cebu.

3. SANSRIVAL. The home of the famous pasalubong ng Dumaguete, Sylvannas. I don't have a sweet tooth so I'll just recommend this place to those who has one.

Then Mama Mia, still for desserts and coffee and Hayahay for the weekend drinking session.

But personally, there's only one food that I would highly recommend, that is ....

BALOT @ Boulevard

Now this is the food that is distinctly famous in Dumaguete. Just walk around the boulevard and you'll always find the balot hot hairy and waiting for you. eeeewwww2x! people must really cure their eeeewwwwness by trying one of these. YUM! ;)


I don't know how it got started but Gayle and I got addicted to the fighting shots. From the park to the port we always had to have the fighting jump shots. Or you could say that wherever Kymoi and her cam is, we always had to have those jump shots. Thank God for your clickin' timin' talent moi.


Gayle Opsima, please extend my deepest thanks Popo Opsima, 2 tita Opsimas, and your little sister tita Gwen for accommodating us. Fine I'll hitch you, thank you tooo! ;) Your hospitality certainly made us stay on the budget. haha. Thanks muchos!

7,000++ islands more to where to next?... ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

teardrops for my name...

all it took were two precious letters to make me cry... "L L"

Abing repeatedly said my name on skype for the first time this morning.

That was a priceless moment considering that we are continents apart and interacts only once a week through video calls. Am glad that she recognizes me, and I could only hope for us to have a great relationship despite the distance. I can't wait to hug and spoil her. But as of now, I'll just have to content myself with her blowing virtual kisses. MWAH! MWAH!

Lav ya my dearest niece.
You make me look forward to early Sunday mornings ;)

blog track:
Smile by Uncle Kracker

between talent, plugs and ifs...

Only God knows why he didn't give me the talent for singing and only him knows why I try too hard to have that talent. But for whatever it's worth, at least my lack of talent was compensated by some hardcore GUTS to sing my heart out without any sense of humiliation and with complete disregard to the bleeding ears of the sympathetic people around to me. In short, call it happiness at the expense of others. ;)

Since I know that I am helpless and beyond repair in that aspect of my life, I could only wish to have that voice stealing power of Ursula in Little Mermaid. I wouldn't steal Ariel's voice coz it's just way too Disney for me and reality is, nobody sounds that way (or maybe I just haven't met them yet). Anyway these are the voices that I would definitely steal...if ever...


It's not just the hairstyle. I soooo wanted to be like her in high school, but I only succeeded in the badly maintained hair cut. My Pink-ish attempt failed because I didn't have the voice and the stamina to keep up with her pop-rap kinda style. I could barely catch up with the lyrics of her songs that 75% outside the chorus, I just mumbled my way. Good thing others weren't into her coz I'd be like a total "pa cool cool" wannabe, which embarrassingly is half the truth. At least am past that stage.
I love that edginess in her voice, and how it can blend with rock, pop and rap. She's my teeny bopper idol who is the only cool one worth mentioning, while the others, I strongly deny.


Iconic. She just blows me off. Her voice would definitely take you back to the flower power Woodstock era. AMAZING. She's so rockin' effortless and her pleasantly raspy voice is just distinctly unique and very sexy. If only I sounded like her I wouldn't be blogging this moment, I'd be out doing gigs or better yet, have others blogging about me. hehe... silly wishful thoughts.
But there can only one rockstah and a fan between us, and I don't have to say where I belong in that picture.


How can she be younger than me and sound like that?!!!! I hate her! kidding... I love her. She's my current fave and my LSS. There's just something soulful about her raspy voice that makes her songs heartbreaking. Unfortunately, I just discovered her lately so I didn't know that her singing chops was already old news to the world. But I was born yesterday so forgive me if I go gaga over her.
Big talent and still young. Haaaay... kids these days! how fast time flies that I suddenly became the talentless tita.

Just a little bit of edge, a little bit of raspy sound. That's all I prefer for me to sing with my head held higher than where it is now. But since I was designed for another purpose, I just hope for God to bless those people with ear plugs, because for as long as I am here and is still trying my hardest, they are really gonna need those plugs.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

red president...


Because unlike others, he is a man of vision and we have seen his vision come to life through Subic. Think about the economic boom and number of jobs created...

Because unlike others, he was able to sweeten the global image of the country with his WOW PHILIPPINES campaign despite the kidnapping out break. Think about pride restored...

Because unlike others, he has been at the front line of every disaster that stroked our dear nation therefore truly knows how it is to feel the plight of the victims? Think about real empathy...

Because unlike others, he doesn't play on the shades of gray. With him it's only a matter of whether he's against it or for it. Think about the strength of character ...

Because unlike others, he hasn't given hazy mumbling speeches to please the crowd. He just knows what he wants so he simply gives nothing but his piece of mind. Think about the political will...

Because unlike others, he has never hired a showbiz personality to pitch in for him thus, making him the only one with the decency to treat the Filipinos as intelligent voters. Think about confidence in the people...

Because unlike others, he was the only one to recognize that the only way to accomplish change is to start from within. That Filipinos should be ambitious enough to reach greater heights and be assertive enough to materialize those ambitions. Think about reality...

Because unlike others, I could go on and on raving about him and then hope that others would be wise enough to realize that without any B.S. and sugar coating, this guy in red could really make a great deal of change for the better.

If he was able to create Subic an economic hub when he was still a low ranking official...

And capture the real essence of this country in just a short period...


to be blunt....


1. Candidates who makes politics their family business. I disgust nepotism in public office therefore I encourage everyone to ditch the candidate whose family names we've had to bear for the past yearSSSS! Seriously, when did democratic leadership ever become an inheritance?!

2. Candidates who are shamelessly exploiting the poverty slogan. Their cry of empathy for the poor is not only utterly fake (especially when they are riding in luxury SUVs and wearing that thick solid gold bracelets while shaking the calloused hands of the poor) but also downright thick faced! Only them can make the drama queen Judy Ann Santos seem underrated. Unfortunately, people just love those shitty soap opera kinda thing.

3. Candidates who can't get enough greed, despite being repeatedly attached to anomalous transactions, or worse proven guilty of corruption by court. Yes, am talking about ERAP and his lapdog son JINGGOY. But then again, people thrive on the drama so much that they draw a very thin line between the reel and real. Oh well, it's either that or those two are just heck of a fine actors, after all they had years of practice in playing heroes to the dim witted in the screen. Just to add, there are alot of ERAP and JINGGOYs in disguise all around, so yes am also talking about those filthy names.

4. Candidates who are semi auditioning into showbiz. Only in the Philippines would the political campaign turn into a talent showcase. Sure... what better way to impart your message than through a song and dance number?! But if you don't have the talent then might as well just hire the pros, and we voters, might as well also just cast our votes on those paid artistas. It shouldn't be more complicated than that!

5. Candidates who are litterbugs. Of course they paid some dumb head to post their unrecycable(?!) posters everywhere, thinking that everywhere is not a NO POST BILL zone. Nonetheless, these candidates should be responsible for the actions of their hired dumb heads. I tell you there is nothing petty about this practice because this would only reflect on the kind of candidate they are. That #1 they don't actually give a shit about the environment with all the paper and plastic waste they are contributing (despite their promise to be the staunch crusader of the environment), #2 they don't have a strong control and discipline of their minions (how much more when they get elected?!), and #3 they care less except for the vanity of seeing their faces plastered on the trees and private properties.

6. Candidates who doesn't have the backbone to make a stand. When the choices are only a matter of YES or NO there shouldn't be an answer of NO COMMENT or silenzzzzzz. People should worry when their candidates starts to speak like this coz it only means two things: no.1 that they don't have the political will power and no.2 they're protecting either someone else's sorry ass or their own sorry ass.

7. And most importantly candidates who disturbed my sleep early in the morning with their irritating campaign jingles serving as my alarm clock, and to think I don't have one. Noise pollution a great thing to consider for they disrupt the innocents' moment of peace.

Think carefully about your candidates.
That's your right!

Friday, May 7, 2010

hello HALO....

around noon...
Mr. Sun greeted the cebuanos with a big....


It was amazing! and you can't help but say halo-oh! back to Mr. Sun, even if it literally means blinding yourself from staring at him. But then who wouldn't wanna miss this moment when it can only happen once in every 2 years at different places and on a cold weather? The fact that it happened here in Cebu on a very hot summer was definitely worth a snap shot...

and my highest jump to sky came prepared.
A sentimental heart gotta do what a sentimental heart gotta do... freeze moments.....ayeeeee.....

and don't you just love the clouds?!


amazing day yesterday!

la vita è bella!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

traveler defined....

I almost forgot this pic...

This was taken at Fully Booked sometime February a year or 2 ago. I know that picture taking isn't allowed inside the store but I'm a klepto so "picture stealing" is my thing, sssshhhh. But if my memory serves me right, my sister and I got caught, but we didn't throw much fuzz about it coz i got my desired shot, shamelessly that up there is my "desired" shot. I know I know... but whatever! ..

Enough of the "desired" shot instead let's delve into the essentials behind it. If there's one thing my circle knows about me it's my lust to wander. If I could be anything in this world I'd like to be a nonstop traveler(... or to put it in a single word.. nomad...) Worrying about where to go to next the moment I wake up would be dream come true, for it would mean that I am
(literally) moving towards hmmm... somewhere. Although in my own micro-tiny-puny-little way, I consider myself a traveler.
The extent of my definition in the word traveler, lies not on the many (as if) places I've been to, but on the number of places stamped RESEARCHED in my list ! So to cut it short, Yes! I am a traveler... in the virtual world.
It's pathetic I know. But in some weird way I find satisfaction in researching this and that island... how to get to Greece... where to go to in Thailand...or what to expect in Prague and etc. etc. and eventually hurt myself when I get to the HOW MUCH part. It sucks being poor, but it sucks more to be poor and covetous of the worldy things. note to self --> you are rich in your own micro-tiny-puny-little way. smile ;)

Seriously though, researching places has sort of become a guilty pleasure of mine, a hard habit to break. Though as much as I'd like to break of this addiction, I can't, not especially when I have these two sites bookmarked as my faves..

the lonely planet
pinoyexchange's travel and leisure forum

Haaaay life... too many dreams... triple the costs! but like I always say, by the power of positive thinking... I too shall someday put to good use my researched infos. Crossing my fingers...