Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ... the year that was...

2013. The year that is about to end in a few hours. 2 to be exact. But before the curtain closes down on the year that will be a has been, I'd like to give my toast for it has been nothing but a good chain of events.

As of this moment I am still holding on to my job as a preschool teacher. Second year, the longest job since I held onto since the number of diplomas that I've held (short courses, I'm not that cerebral). 

I fell in love.... with Chico. A dog. It's pathetic I know, but for someone who just likes animals minus the responsibility of it, it's a great commitment. It's either because his care was thrust-ed into me by my sister who got him weeks before she left for Australia, or he is just so handsome and adorable. I swear your dog is nothing like my Chico. And I'm not just saying that because I consider him my kid. He's not just any face that only a mother could love. Like any mother will of  course say. ;p

My sister left for Australia. My parents vacationed for months. I got left alone for a couple of months. Well... not bad. It's just that I-SWEAR-I-WILL-GET-MY-MUCH-NEEDED-TRAVEL-SOON-TOO.

I pulled off something that I never thought would be possible in my life. Somehow I was able to put my pessimism, idealism and optimism to use. I think nature does it you, particularly disasters. 

Because of my pessimism towards the local media, I have shunned the news. But when the first disaster struck, I heeded the call of my friend to do something about it, thus inspired my idealism that something could be done. And when it was done, I realized that there is actually more to be done and much more we could do as a group of individuals. You may read this as gibberish ramblings but when the mood and timing feels perfect I will blog more about the perhaps the most life changing experience of mine. 

In all that happened to me this year, I believe that they are just small dots connecting to a greater something that I do not know what, yet.  I've stuck with a job that I love and in return I got my boss and her husband as the biggest supporter for our relief operations. I got Chico who gave me the equal amount of warmth in the absence of my family. Then I met new friends whom I have a strong feeling will be there for many years ahead. And of course my friends, who are just beyond words amazing. This year wouldn't be the year is now without them.

Like every teleserye, my year isn't all about  rainbows and butterflies actually. I've had my biggest share of disappointments in people and events. But I believe that they are all still part of the dots that will connect to that big something. They were the learning curves that were beyond my control but is thankful for. Besides, looking back, I think I've had far greater blessings to dwell on rather than on those little bumps. 

Again, my gut tells me that there is a greater something. I do not what the hell it is, but it feels good and I will claim it. 

I claim that 2014 will my year. 
To heck with cosmics!

Thank you 2013 and a coming thank you to 2014.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Back to blog....

Hello there blog! been a long long time since I've last logged into you. A lot of things has happened in the past year. I'd like to say that I've been just super duper busy as an excuse, but truth is I was just being a grown up. Doing what grown ups do. Going into the business of trading your time for money. It's called work. The kind of business I've been evading for a while, or as other saw it... a really long time. But you'd be proud, I haven't resigned... yet. YEY!

I guess it just takes a while to figure out the kind of work that doesn't really feel like work. Except when I wake up at 6 in the morning, which is daily. Other than that it's pretty easy breezy. The pay is not much, just a regular minimum wage earner in this country, but the perk lies elsewhere. The kids. Good thing I'm dealing with cute kids! Or maybe I just like kids so darn much that in my eyes they are cute. Ha!

So there you go, I like my job. I'm still at the stage where I'm enjoying it and I hope to God will continue to do so for a long long long time. But I gotta admit, I miss traveling so much. The days of panic booking for cheap fares and researching for the itinerary. The packing,checking in, long painful bus rides, budgeting and getting wowed at that splendor of your destination. The whole process of traveling. The spontaneity of it all. I miss it so so so bad!

Nostalgia. That's the honest reason why I'm avoiding you blog. The things you make me feel when I read through you. The pictures that reminds me of the more possible places I could have gone to. That's why you my dear blog are nostalgic. But I guess I'll have no choice but to embrace the feelings that comes along with you, for I learned that nostalgia comes hand in hand with being a grown up. Like an old couple holding hands in their rocking chair staring off into the distant past of good times.

Good news is, I'm still too young for that rocking chair! So I'll just rock this blog instead. Traveling post maybe dwindling, but I still got a few stories up in my sleeves that I was just too lazy busy to tell. Which reminds me that I have yet to finish that 10 days trip. Sagada will be coming up. I don't know when but real soon. I hope.

Hello to you again blog!