Thursday, November 25, 2010

much awaited....

a very happy holidays! 

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday, November 8, 2010

i challenge my challenge....

Because my dear Kym is such a sucker for challenges (note that her blog was set up for her now defunct and very unsuccessful 365 days challenge), she naturally posted this 10 day challenge. And because I'm such an envious sucker! I was thinking of copying her 10 day challenge (which by the way is too sisiw for a challenge... yes moi it's true! hahaha) instead I committed a grave mistake of asking her to give me 10 year ender challenges. Why is it a grave mistake?... let me copy paste WHY!

1. lip sync to a song (kanang latest ha! dili pwede mga nursery rhymes or happy bday or the like) and upload the vid
2. photoshoot... bsta pag photosoot sa imu self. pangitag mu photoshoot nimu.
3. help a beggar on the street. like give him food etc.
4. befriend a mcdo crew.. like ask for his number and dapat ma date nimu siya! hahaha
5. have 6 people hold up the sign "kym's challenge" and take pic. STRANGERS ha.
6. go back to STC and talk to ms.magadan. just for the sake.
7. apply at convergys and dapat ma dawat ka!
8. eat one gallon of ice cream all by yourself!!! in one sitting ha. TAKE VIDEO!
9. wear something pa CUTESY TOOTSEY.. and let's go out. text me!
10. walk around the mall with your fly open. :p 

In response. 

1. Lip syncing? seriously! is my self perceived golden voice that offensive? I take offense at this challenge! haha
2. Narcissism. This I can do. But only after my pimples are gone, coz if I'm just going to indulge in self obsession for a day, might as well do it FLAWLESSLY.
3. Help a beggar! I think I'm the one who actually needs helping. haha. This task pffft! no sweat!
4. I can befriend... I can take the number.. but I don't think I can take him out. Talk about professionalism in workplace flirting 101.
5. THAT'S IT?! I can even do this with my eyes closed! char! hahaha
6. They say blast from the past is fun, but I'm not sure if it would be fun for our former H.S. disciplinarian considering that she'd seen too much of me every single year of my high school life. You know for being the best at being talkative among all others.I'm pretty sure her year wasn't complete without my occasional presence in her conference room. wink!
7. MY GAAAAAAD! I knew you would bring this up! like I seriously had this coming! I think I'm already blacklisted by the call center industry given my history of bunny hopping. Haaaaaays.... we'll see, but don't blame me if they immediately shut their electronic doors before I even get to set foot on their welcome mat.
8. I hate sweets, but I love sitting down, so I think for this challenge I can succeed.
9. What does CUTESY TOOTSEY mean? oh you're talking to me so meaning wear something aside from black, white and brown and dull and plain?... now I get it.... well.. okay! But text you?! mehn!... that's gonna be a loading challenge, don't get your hopes up!
10. Okay. Though I'm pretty sure I've done this unconsciously before, but I survived no humiliation, so I guess I'll just have to ready my best underwear in the cabinet.

So Moi... I don't know where to begin, and how much of the list I will be able to accomplish. But since both our worlds are so small, you'll definitely hear something, be it a success or not.

And Moi (index and middle finger pointing from my eyes to yours)... I'M WATCHING YOU.... through your blogspot.wink! wink!

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