Thursday, July 16, 2009

i really want to be....

Sitting on this desk right now while exercising my strong finger bones, my mind is adrift and my soul longing to be somewhere. Somewhere in a place called anywhere-but-here. Yes. I am on my day job and "working" again. The rat race I have to attend to day after day after day.

Back when I was still in my teen years, I always pictured myself to be working behind the desk with the great view of the cityscape behind me. Wearing that sexy pinstripe suit, a Lisa Loeb glasses, a messed up Meg Ryan hair and a busy look on my face to complete my office get up. And of course I wasn't a secretary in that picture rather, I had a secretary.

Reality is, behind the desk is all I have. So much for those silly dreams. But honestly, I lost that picture along the way. There is no way on earth I could picture myself working behind the desk again, well expect that now the picture has turned out to be a reality minus all the plus plus. Times change, interests blossom and I have lost romance in the idea of the corporate world. It bores me just to think of it, and kills me that I work for one (temporarily!).

If someone asks me what an ultimate dream job for me is, in a heartbeat I'll answer - TV lifestyle and travel producer. I envy that job description. The perks of having that job alone is worth drooling, well at least for me.

* go to places for free ---> check.
* meet people extraordinaire ---> check.
* immerse in a new culture ----> check.
* try on great cuisines ----> check.
* be updated on the latest trends and etc. ---> check.
* share all these to a great number of viewers ---> check!

Check. Check. Check. Everything is check!. But seriously, I'm just after the first check, and the rest are just the side perks that I welcome with arms wide open.

How I wish to be somewhere right now. Enjoy life, experience all there is that the world has to offer. I just wanna be out and about. Spread as much of myself to the different sides of the world. I could be a nomad, I want to be a nomad, I fantasize of being a gypsy and I hope to be a con artist, because maybe, just maybe, all those things I want and fantasize will become a reality.

Ergo, I really want to be a con artist. :)

by basti artadi

"Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon".

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hangover cheers!

Today is the day I try to become a writer of nothing and anything in particular.
I have no juices for creative writing, in fact my creativity is slowly being flushed out of my system. It's like detoxifying myself from the intoxicating belief that I was breeding a creative genius in me. It's a slap from the reality and it sucks to be slapped. But it's comforting to know that like me, there are also billions of people in this world, that have or has also been slapped by the harsh realities of life.
This is the transition stage. The stage I like to call - the hangover.
The sickening feeling of the moment and just the moment. While the world is fast spinning, I am just as it is. Standing my ground, absorbing the confusion while battling the craziness. And so I'll make do of what is left of my intoxication, create.
I'll try to create but I doubt I'll be creative. I'll make no excuses for the flaws and hitches that comes along with it. Remember that I am in my hangover stage. and this is the part where everything is just hazy and crazy.
So today I write of nothing and anything in particular, thus am already creating.
I officially welcome myself to the blogspot world. :)
what a best way to commemorate office boredom! 7/9/2009.