Monday, June 20, 2011

pitsaaaahhhh pie......

El's Shapeless Vegetarian Pizza



I am soooo totally self praising right now, and I am sooooo bragging it! Not because I'm a natural braggart (which I hope no one would agree! or if they do, just please  agree silently haha!) but because finally! as in super duper finally I FURFECTED the dough! wooot wooot. Dancing-grinning-typing like a lunatic now.

This has probably been my third attempt at making a pizza from scratch. Years ago I was disappointed with my dough coz it didn't raise like it's supposed to, so I just had to completely abandoned it. Then a few days after my mom placed it on the toaster and to my surprise it tasted like ciabatta, or shall i say mini ciabatta with it's stunted growth. I blame it on the yeast by the way. Then the 2nd time around, I finally was able to do the sauce, the toppings and the works, but it tasted like biscuit. Hard biscuit! The kind of biscuit that could finish all your grandmother's teeth. And today is my 3rd and believe when I say that 3's a charm. The dough was just right. Not too thick, not too hard, not too soft, nothing too extreme, just your kind of edible pizza dough! wink !)

Of course, like any other success stories, I'd have to credit that amazing guy in YouTube for the raise of my dough. Sorry guy, didn't catch your name but know that in this side of the world you are very much credited. YouTube is one very amazing invention, the greatest source of nothing and everything. Love it!

So to round our tummies up tonight...
El's shapeless vegie pitsa. Scilian pasta. Gambas ala Cesar (my father's pride)



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Friday, June 17, 2011

my kind of cheese....

This secret I'm about to share will cost me my most valuable pride, here it goes.... I'm a closet hopeless romantic. There I said it, no need for you to make this a topic of conversation especially when my all the romance in my head includes some hot dude and a song number.  Could I get anymore cheesy than this?! BUT! in all fairness to me, my kind of cheese is not the typical tagalog movie scene wherein the hero just pops out of nowhere with his alalays and serenades the girl by the window in the middle of the night then out of nowhere a dog comes out barking to bite them, if not the girl's father. OR all the characters just simply lip syncs to a song and dance number at some park. That's not romantic, just plain comedy.

Bottom line is Tagalog romantic movie scenes, are just plain trying hard, that it's become really corny. Look at Ashton Kutcher, clearly he's trying hard but why is it soooo damn cute?!!!!

A lot like love

Or Heath Ledger sliding from a pole with a school band for a back up, why can't you just take your eyes off him???

10 Things I hate about you

OR when it's Rupert Everett even in his gayness (Lord why does he have to be gay?!) exclaiming your fake romance in that accent and lovely falsetto voice, you simply wouldn't mind making it real with this gay..

My Bestfriend's Wedding

BUT honey, when it's THE Nicolas Cage doing this to you....

The Family Man

 wouldn't you be confused whether to cry or smile and keep it all coming at the same time?!

Oh movies! you make me wish for a man to burst in a song number. To whoever that man will be, I hope to God he can pull it off, coz if not, I'd rather stick with the tagalog movies instead... hahahaha.