Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Too many happenings, only one adjective to describe it.

2009 has been a good year for me and the family. At the start of the year we were immediately blessed with our very first lady bug. Aeva Danielle or as i fondly call "Abing," just to have a filipino touch to that very western name. She's a doll. She feeds on books, figuratively and literally. I think she's gonna be a smart a**, but before that happens she still has to grow that tooth. say cheeze baby! :D

Last year, I was so frustrated of the fact that I hadn't been to some place new. So I told myself that this year, 2009, should be my TRAVEL YEAR either by hook or by crook!. True enough, my itchy feet was able to leave footprints in all these places.

It's WOW Philippines.

April we exchanged smiles with the people at the city of smiles (Bacolod). Then September was a treat. From white water rafting in the river region (Cagayan de Oro) to frolicking in the island of fire (Camiguin) and the sight seeing at the land of waterfalls (Iligan), you gotta supah heart Pinas!

2009 has also been my first taste at International travel.

My sister and I were barely able to afford this trip, but thanks to the call center industry I was able to save 2 months worth of salary, before I went AWOL. specialty! But honestly, we owe it to our ever generous father. And no we are not taking advantage. We are simply just considering it as his investment on us, coz by the time we will be earning real money I know that he wouldn't hesitate to collect his ROI with a European travel. Good luck to us!

Before the year ends, I can truly brag that I have conquered the sky, land and sea.

My best birthday ever was spent on the road round south, and the best present was that ride in the sky. As if that wasn't enough, we climbed (or more on drove) our way to the mountains of Cebu. Then dove into the waters of Mactan and chased the waves with the big boy's toy - the wave runner. And as for the finale of the adrenaline rush year! my sister and I paid to be hanged on a zip line that goes half a kilometer from cliff to cliff that was only separated by the river that was hundreds and hundreds of feet below at Danao, Bohol.

Contrary to the what it may seem like, 2009 for me wasn't just all about thrill seeking adventure. On the brighter side, to appease my mother, I was able to accomplish quite a few feat. It may not be as notable but it's still something worth celebrating.

Finished my diploma in Professional Education. Check!
Passed the Teacher's Board. Check!
Took another test. Check!
Passed that test. Question Mark? I still have to wait till 2010.

Too many happenings, only one adjective to describe it.


Film of year: 500 days of Summer
Soundtrack of the year: Viva la Vida by Coldplay
Book of the year: Embraced by the light
Website of the year:
Event of the year: Sinulog
Night of the year: Pulse night
Day of the year: September 17
Buddy of the year: Ray.... Ray Ban-nd!
he's been everywhere with me :)

2010 is gonna be my career year.
I'll ROAR in my year of the Tiger!


Lil' V....

I think i just discovered another Regine Velasquez in the making. hmmmm?....

Like some proud talent hunter, I discovered this kid a few months back when my father and I went to Bohol for a family affair. On the way back to Cebu, by some management reasons at the port of Tubigon, all passengers were forced to stay inside the passengers' lounge, to keep us from hopping on the boat ahead of others. I don't know if that made sense but Bohol's very own "Von Trappe" family certainly did.

The father, mother, daughter and daughter tandem were all belting it out for the waiting passengers. The father, though blind, is the jack of all trades, he does the talking, singing and strumming of the guitar. And the rest... well, they just sing. They pretty have good voices, typical Filipino belting out/ shouting (to make up for the absence of mic) style. But who I found so adorable is the youngest kid named V.... errrrr... na?da?... anyway I suck with names, so let's just call her V.

V, despite the size, packed alot of air in those diaphrams. And as the frustrated singer that I am, this is probably the only instance when I'm finally not bitter over someone else's musical talent. Instead, I just resigned to the fact that the world is indeed not equal. And that though God has given others the talent I, on the other hand, just got the confidence.

Anyway going back, this kid is A-MAZING! seeing and hearing her perform could only make you wish that the future be kind to this tiny kid and lead her to great heights.

On the second thought, didn't Regine Velasquez started out this way? hmmm... should I put myself to good use be a talent manager instead?.. watchatink?... do i have the eye for a real talent? or is it just my confidence getting in the way again?... hehe... anyway just check out Lil' V.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

love defined.

A bit of wisdom from the kids. makes you :)

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other"
- Karl, 5

"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday"
-Noelle, 7

"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day"
-Mary Ann, 4

"I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and she goes out to buy new ones"
-Lauren, 4

"When you love somebody your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you"
-Karen, 7

"Love is when mommy gives daddy the best piece of the chicken"
-Elain, 5

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French Fries without making them give you any of theirs"
Chrissy, 6

"Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well"
-Tommy, 6

The winner was the 4 year old boy whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climb on his lap and just sat there.
When his mother asked what he has said to the neighbor, the little boy said,
"Nothing, I just helped him cry"

Sometime in our lives we were are wise as these kids. Unfortunately, most of us lost our wisdom along the way to adulthood. Gotta love kids! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 spots in 3 days

Long overdue. I know. Who cares am the only one reading this blog anyway. Since this is for my own personal consumption I think I am more than entitled to set my own pace. HA! excuses!

Seriously, I've been meaning to put my thoughts on this trip into writing however, since I was so "emotionally involved" with what happened in the Metro during the typhoon Oondoy, I decided to postpone and postpone then postponed some more my blow by blow account of this CDO trip. Now, I think my time is up and am ready to share.

Day 1

Did you know that Cagayan was derived from the word Cagay which means river? Yes my dear self that's true. And since Cagayan is known for its rivers they naturally named their province after it. As it is a a very logical Filipino thing to do, name your place after what is found abudant.
I love how Filipinos comes up with names
like brgy. Baboyan kai daghan man ug baboy! duh?! Kailangan ba imemorize yan?! anyway.....

For a first timer in the river rafting, I found that idea of rapids very exciting and the thought of falling off the rubber boat quite scary. But the truth is, it was only scary in the first few rapids. After that sisiw! HA! It was definitely fun though, most especially watching your friend fall off the boat while you and the rest of her "so-called" friends are just merely laughing their hearts out. I have to admit that was a highlight and a picture perfect moment. On the brighter side, at least she got a rapid named after her - Loura's DROP.

While the ignorant first timers blissfully basked in the adrenaline rush, two of my friends bragged about how BORING the rapids were, coz apparently they tried something more insane than what we had. It's true. Once you get the hang of it it can be pretty much a dull. But the scenery! it was AMAZING! It's like being enclosed by the amazing towering cliff formations as an endangered bird hovers. It was definitely a feast for the eyes, and places like that could never make you any prouder of your motherland. While my heart was swelling with sentimentality my mind was singing the WOW PHILIPPINES jingle.

I wouldn't mind rafting for a second time. Hopefully next time the rapids would be more exciting so I could be like my two friends who could make a comparison between a boring and a not boring rapid.

Day 2
Isla del Fuego - CAMIGUIN

If I haven't mentioned it yet, we embarked on this trip during one of the worst typhoons in the history of the country, Ondoy. Understandably, the weather wasn't as good as we hoped for, in fact we were even just lucky to cross the island of Mantigue, because after that the waves were just so huge that bankas could no longer properly dock on the shore. But island of Mantigue was just plain worth it!.

I don't know why every time there's a nice sandy white island, everyone else likes to christen it as the little Boracay. I just can't see why they have to compare everything to Boracay when their natural wonders could pretty much stand on their own. Oh well, another cultural faux pas.

Nonetheless, Mantigue Nature Park is this little island that could be toured on foot in just an hour or so . What I love most about this island is its natural diversity. Walking within their small forest is a pretty awesome thing to do. It can be quite a "twilight-y" experience, except that there's no Edward Cullen around coz you're definitely no Bella. duh?!

But what really makes this trip memorable was our close encounter with their Mayor. Si Mayor Alex. He struck me as one of those politicians who aren't really politicians. I like that he was really down to earth and passionate about the preservation and rehabilitation of the environment, especially Mantigue. Right now he is working on relocating the residents of Mantigue so the island can be fully rehabilitated for eco-tourism use. I think that it's a very smart move considering that it's a win-win for both the people and the environment. And just so you know, no one is allowed to stay overnight in the Nature Park so as to lessen carbon footprint. Swell!

Katigbawasan Falls was a brrrrr......... It was like dipping into a pool of ice on a rainy day! Our tropical bodies couldn't last that long and tita myra's strict military sched was more than useful on this occasion. ya know what i mean! haha.

16th Century Catarman Ruins, was caused by a nearby volcanic eruption during that period, and so was the Sunken Cemetary. After all that small island has a total of 7 volcanoes. Another FYI! ;)

Partay at night!

Cagayan has probably one of the most bizzare party place I've been to. I don't wanna delve into details but Pulse certainly made a mark on our trip!. It was just shockingly unreal, and so was the fact that we had clean good fun that night.

By the way I envy the empty bridges at CDO. It's definitely the hangout place to be. It's a perfect place to chill, and have a good drink at the back of the pick up while listening to some great music. The last night was definitely a shout of HURRAH!

Day 3

I have to admit that the reason why I really really wanted to go Iligan was the Sunburst. I wanted to try what the Orginal Sunburst tastes like and guess what? I can't taste the difference coz my tastebuds weren't trained for that kind of thing. To me it simply just tasted like how a chicken should taste, same way as how turtles and snakes and everything exotic tastes - chicken.

We then headed off to Maria Christina Falls which was quite a sight to behold. Seeing the Maria Christina Falls is just so surreal, coz normally I just see and color it in our gradeschool textbooks. I never expected that the tiny picture from my Araling Panlipunan book can be very grand and majestic in flesh! Just imagine the height and the impact of water as it falls. Unbelievable. And those river rapids?! well, they sure are far from boring!

Our last stop by the way was the old mansion of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's family. It was okay, typical house of the 40's old rich, but the GMA's playhouse was cute! Now you could just imagine our cute President playing tea parties in her cute house.... kyooooot.... :)

I like Iligan. I find it clean and green. There are certain areas of the roads where you can say "parang wala sa Pinas." The abudance of trees on the side roads just makes all the difference. It's about time we learn that trees makes fine ornaments.


WOW PINAS! more to go...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

soooo la.agan...

my Heroes...

Aguinaldos, Mabinis and Bonifacios...
are now coming with me to CDO...

Gracias Alkansya!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BOBOTic job...

And I thought her job was glamorous....

but I have to admit she still got the best job there is...

Not only is she paid to doodle her working hours away, she also get to have her designs printed for nationwide consumption. And must I add that she also get to keep a lot of shirts! unfair is that?!

Anyway, I'm just happy to finally see people wearing bobot. I'm also glad that bobot is going places with his friends. He's gone quite far you know, considering his humble beginnings at the pages of the dog eared high school notebooks his owner. Haaaay.. how time flies...Going back, I am sooo irritatingly proud that his owner is working in a place that suits her best. I can't imagine her working in a another place, but if she does, I can only picture her grumpy face. haha.

Hey ARTWORK hire me! I may not be the best doodler in town, but I have talents, and Jea can give you her word that I can do a pretty good dirty job with that hammer. wink !-) But if by any chance you can't find a spot for me, well at least give some shirts! And no it's not a demand... just a wishful thought from a fan who is dying 50 to 60 years from now! mercy please? :)

J... gimme a ring when you're gonna do another store set up here in Cebu akie? If I still don't get to bring a hammer, at least be assured that I'll always be bringing the best chismis in town.. hahaha

september lovin now on two...

i like kids...

i like their infectious silly little laugh...

and their snooty snoby ways...

i like how calm they are when eating...

and how they become jumpy when seeing something exciting...

i like how they appreciate the little things you give...

and how they exchange it with a genuine happy smile...

September Lovin' now on two!!!

Dear God.

i may not be the perfect daughter that i am supposed to be, but i still want to collect my birthday gift from you. please grant me the gift of more blessings in this borrowed life so i can continue to be of blessing to others. make me your instrument, your ambassador of goodwill, your very own Angelina Jolie, and i swear i'll make a maddox, zahara and pax out of the needy kids i encounter. but if it is your wish to give me an extra brad pitt, then by all means, thy will be done. thanks God.

p.s. don't forget to wrap those gifts :)

special thanks to kym for the cupcakes; fauve for the books; mia for the lechon manok; the rest of the DDG for sharing your precious time with these kids; and most of all the September babies for making this possible for two years now! wohoo!!!


The only difference with birthdays is that when you are younger you have everything to expect on that special day. BUT. As you get older that special day turns into an ordinary day and with nothing to expect.

A few days ago I unwillingly turned twenty three. I expected nothing on that day, but I got something I could ever hoped for and more...

Planning is something foreign in my body, it's not in me and it's not for me (must be why I'm stuck in this blueprinted-less life). On many occasions I'll most probably pass off as the most boring creature God has ever created, only EXCEPT when something happens that is not at all planned like on 09.17.09...

With 3 of us in tow, 3 digits worth of gas and 3 kinds of junk food to get us by, we kicked off my 23 years of existence with a trip down south. The trip that has been on my forever-waiting-to-do-list that finally materialized without much planning except for what dress we wore... for picture purposes.

With no itinerary in mind, but occasional stops at historical churches and places, again for picture purposes, we stumbled upon a giant picture perfect machine. Giddy with childish excitement and oozing with teenage charms we found ourselves face to face with the green flying monster giant we call helicopter or should I be suave and say the chopper? ooohh...

As cam whore as we are, no time was wasted in our making love to the cameras as we posed to every click of the button while making sure that daddy chopper got every angle. But nothing prepared us for the surprise treat we had on that day. As much as I would want to brag about it and make everbody hate me, I can't coz I'm sworn to secrecy. And I have every intention of keeping my promise but I only have this to say.... it was the ultimate HIGH! literally and figuratively.

The long and curvy road to round the south was still kilometers and hours away. But with every turn of the wheel and stop we made, I just couldn't help but smile the giddly smile because even if the trip wasn't over we already got so much out of it. And if my highschool teacher saw me on that state of mind and told me for the second time in my lifetime to stop showing my teeth, I would never care less, in fact I'll even encourage her to show hers, so she and i would be tie. haha...

I had a very happy September 17, 2009, made me forgot how unaccomplished I still am at 23. Oh well 24 is still yet to come... haha

On 09.17.10 I still will not expect anything... but maybe a little for a change. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hear ye! hear ye!

shirts.. dresses... bags... shoes... and etc etc...

SEE YA! and BE THERE! :)
spread the news...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

35mm frustrations...

These are all the decent shots that was left out of the 4 36 shots of 35mm films that I brought with me on my latest travel. Imagine the pain and frustration painted all over my face when I received the processed films. It hurts so much that I wanted to cry right then there at the studio. Not knowing why it turned out to be that way, and knowing that i spent so much for those films plus the processing. I never wanted a digital camera so badly till that day.

The old school way of picture taking is so damn challenging and expensive that it gave me so much stress and pressure. The anticipation of what the outcome would be is already killing! much more when it has a really crappy result. But when you also get pretty good shots it guarantees to give you the euphoria. And that's the beauty of films, it evokes the extremes of emotions. However as of now I'm just plain frustrated.

Oh well.. definitely there's still a lot more to learn.

Some of the few shots that I loved among the very few decent batch. Did a bit of editing coz I just feel like it. And besides I like black and white, and anything old school-ish.

Alin, alin, alin ang na iba?

Before came 4 wheels

Before came metropolis

So psyched to use for the first time the real B&W films. Can't wait for that day to come. Counting the days. Wishing no frustrations. What you think should the concept be?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

finally found him...

I found my match yesterday. There's nothing like the moment I first laid my eyes on him. He was everything that I've dreamed of and everything that I will still continue dreaming of.
He's so modern, sophisticated, sleek comfy and to die for. He's the type that makes me want to introduce him to my dad. I bet my dad will definitely approve of him but knowing my dad I'm pretty sure he'll be levelheaded and say the most hurting practical line : YOU CAN'T AFFORD HIM.
True. I can't afford this baby.
I made mention in my one of my blogs from way back of how I truly wished to have a house made up of home theater and dvds. It was just one of my many wishful thinking. But when I saw my dream home theater for real and in flesh yesterday, all I could do was just sigh and shamelessly inquired about the price, then sighed again.
Oh well! I don't think I could ever afford this in my lifetime. But my baby is soooooooo ideal. Seriously. I wouldn't mind if that's all there is to my house or make that my house period! I don't care about the space (but maybe a bit of extra square meters for my CR and cabinet for clothes), just leave me with all that and I'll be having the big bright red smile of Ronald Mcdonald forever. A hyperbole, sure! but hey, who ever is willing to bet on it, I'll be up for the challenge. Just give me the home theater first and you got yourself a deal.
My dad would be right. I can't afford him. I don't even come close to affording him. He is so out of my reach. But what if maybe, just maybe, I give him the look of the lifetime that would make him come crawling to me, do you think this could work?
Ha! Crazy I know. But heck I'm already referring to an "it" as a him, so that should say a lot about my intense gravitational pull towards him. Whatever! He slash "it" has just been marked in my COTU Catalogue Of The Universe. By the power of positive thinking you'll come to me! crossing my fingers! pushing my luck! pressuring the cosmics! and hoping for a good karma.
by the way you can find this at Creative Audio Visual Commercial at Parkmall they specialize in that kind of stuff. i'm not a client of theirs nor did they ask me to advertise but since they made me drool over their whole concept I'm giving them credit for free! I should be given a home theater for this! haha

Friday, September 4, 2009

trailer mania

I seldom watch movies inside the movie house (with the exception of freebie film fests =)), that on an average I probably just shell out P150 once a year to catch a movie. But with all these taken into consideration, I still consider myself to be a big lover of rolling films. Ironic, I know. But through the intense competition and hard selling of "debedee retailers" on the side.. streets, I get to enjoy 3 movies with my P150. So that should explain why I came to be a lover of movies.
Going back, on those very seldom times that I watch a movie, the legal way, I always look forward to the trailer. I like watching trailers, it gives me a certain fascination. I like the idea that a number of movies are squeezed into a few good minutes coz it makes me feel as if I've already watched a lot of movies, even though in reality they are just pseudo-movies. If only trailers can be movies and a movie can all be trailers, then I would certainly have no second thoughts spending P150. But hey that's just me and my odd ball way of thinking.
I'm just sooooooo glad that youtube was invented coz I get to see my trailers anytime I want. Though the feel is not quite the same as when inside the moviehouse but at least it is an almost. Ergo, I shall not complain.
Anyway let me share this must watch movie and must have debedee...just click on the titles
Brothers starring Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Jake "mmmm" Gyllenhaal. very very intense! can't wait
And the rest of the must watch trailers:

500 days of Summer kinda old school cool
September Issue true to life Devil Wears Prada
Coco before Chanel from nobody to legendary --> kym ramos for you
Sherlock Holmes love it!
Alice in Wonderland whimsical
Couples Retreat no brainer down right funny
My Sister's Keeper tearjerker
Paper Heart very cute and cool
Funny People funny with a sense
Sin Nombre interestingly realistic
I Hate Valentines Day heartwarming no brainer
The Girl from Monaco surprising

and many many more :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singapura: nyt and day...


NYT time
We landed at Changi Airport (that by the way looks more like a 5 star hotel than an airport) at around 7pm, but looks more like 5pm here, so basically their day begins at around 9 or 10am and ends at 6 or 7pm. How cool is that?.

Anyway, I could go on and on raving about how cool their airport is with all their travelator and stuffs, but nothing prepared me for their toilets. Talk about modern old school toilet bowl, guess they were just being mindful of other culture's ways coz they also have this kind of setup in Malaysia, but just to clarify not all toilets are like this.

Anyway (again), when we got out of the airport and hopped on the taxi, we instantly got lost, coz apparently the EUNOS address seemed to be everywhere and the driver got very confused, mind you his confusion cost us S$25 equals to P825, and this was the first of my many mental conversions. Very Expensive. But the driver was nice enough to personally call Steph for the landmarks and directions, and he even entertained us with a bit of historical overview of Singapore, but then again all his efforts still summed up to P825.

Boon Tong Ki has the best Chicken Rice ever. This place serves good food. Though I'm not really that particular about food but trust me when I start to rave on a dish. It's not really a fancy resto but it's pretty well known among the locals. But considering our ordeal we were probably just very hungry.

First stop of the very looooong walk was the DURIAN HEAD. Apparently Davao isn't the only one known for its Durian, coz Singapore has a whole building built after a Durian. The architecture is quite amazing and also has a great eye level view of the city. Just a few walks away is already the MERLION, and one shouldn't just pass by the "countrymark" coz you gotta have to strike a pose first as sign that you've really been to Singapore. haha. excuses!


It's true that Singapore really has a lot of BAWAL signs to remind everyone how strict they are. BUT. It's NOT (quite) true that they don't have trashes all over. See there? they too have overflowing trash can. HA! bitter Filipino looking for flaws in the perfect Singaporean world. Seriously though, Singapore is generally a very neat nation that when you see a single trash not in its proper place you just can't help but exclaim "Finally! we have something in common" haha.

Anyway, we finally ended our long walk with some WALLS a.k.a Selecta wafer sandwich ice cream. Yes. We know it's Selecta because of the heart sign, which makes me wonder if they also have different name for Coca-cola. hmm..Anyways, the amazing thing about their ice cream, aside from their flavors, is that they come in rectangular shapes that when served they just slice it directly, put a wafer on top and bottom, place it in a plastic then viola you eat it like a sandwich. No worries about making a mess coz they don't melt as fast as our ice creams.

DAY time
Our first time to ride and go gaga over their LRTs and MRTs. They are just so unbelievably amazing. Singapore is so efficient when it comes to their routes and systems. I honestly envy them. I could only wish for us to also have our very own MRT and LRT, but I could never expect it not to have any vandal, just in case.

Anyway we had our breakfast at a street corner/ carenderia in Bugis, and dear do they have BIG servings - literally. And the cute thing is that their set meals abide by the GO GROW and GLOW food pyramid. So your options are narrowed down to a 1 or 2 vegetable, meat and rice. Couldn't they just get any more perfect?...
GETTING LOST and Sculptors
Everybody knows that my sense of direction sucks, and my sister is not that great in that area either, so basically our choices were just narrowed down to either left or right. With no destination in mind, and much more no map at hand we simply just trusted our instincts without knowing that we already covered half the city by foot. Would never have known till Steph told us. haha. By the way it was also on this walk that we got to hear a very loud honk coming from a mini cooper, and that honk was directed at us. We never felt more special. haha. To save our face we were just merely disoriented with their streets coz they use right hand drive and etc. etc. excuses. :)

I finally understood what Daphne OseƱa meant when she said how our country lacks life size sculptors to decorate our streets and play around with. So just imagine my delight when I saw not one but a lot of life sized sculptors along Singapore Art Museum. I love art and I love it more when they're BIG.

Singaporeans are a very helpful bunch to the point that they literally guide you to your destination. The good thing though is that they are not that difficult to converse with, coz they're language is a version of our Taglish -- Singlish.

During our getting lost walks, my sister and I met this old lady at a bus stop, that honest to goodness, resembles our deceased maternal grandmother. She was nice enough to have her picture taken but we were rude enough to just mumble nonsense when she asked where our grandmother is.haha. Then we also encountered Jeff, a deaf mute. He approached us first and held up a laminated paper that says he was deaf, and of course being a degree holder in SpEd I showed off the one and only sign language that I remembered from my class which was "Hi." And who would have thought that he would be so delighted that he went on doing his hand signs thinking that I too was deaf. Good thing I was able to put those hand letter signs from the back of my grade school notebook to good use. Anyway as it turned out he sold us this key chain to raise funds for a charity and it's original worth was S$10 but gave it to us for only S$5, then only to find out that its exact value in Malaysia was half his discounted price. Real Smooth.
There was also Daniel who was very nice coz he gave us another free round at the Segway in Sentosa. Then that Chinese lady who was kind and patient enough to interpret those chinese cards for Janjan.

National Museum of Singapore


AMAZING! I this place. This is probably the best museum I've been to. It doesn't require you to have tour guides because they provide you with all these gadgets along the way, so you could tour the place at your own pace. The great thing about this place too is that they were able to divide the historical transitions of Singapore into different areas. Such that they have a different room entirely devoted to Films, Food, Photography, Fashion and History. Simply amazing.


Fast fact: did you know that the MERLION was a name given in honor to the 2 creatures - the sea dragon and the lion, that the Prince (known to be descendant of Alexander the Great) encountered along his way to the island?. First he offered his crown to the sea dragon then upon arriving at the island a lion threatened them so he had an eye contact with the lion then poof the king of the jungle walked away. It's mythical but that's just one of the things you learn from Sentosa.

Sentosa is definitely a tourist destination. The rides were very much worth it. When you get on the cable car and see the overview of Sentosa, you could definitely say that this country is not experiencing any crisis coz of the number of constructions going on. I was just disappointed with their underwater world though, coz it's too small, i even took pity , for the first time, on the growing sharks coz they had to cram themselves in that small aquarium. But generally Sentosa was nice, even if we didn't get to see the Pink dolphin!. tsk

This was probably the longest day ever, because after Sentosa we had to immediately rush to the airport for our late night flight to Kuala Lumpur. So just imagine the weight of the back pack that I had to carry around on all those long walks, and trust me, when we got to Kuala Lumpur early dawn it felt like we've just been through a fraternity hazing. And until now the big toe on my left foot is still numb but happy. haha.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia... up next :)

Malaysia: truly asia

Selamat Datang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Heritage Station Hotel

Discovered this hotel from We actually had several choices, all of them budget hotels, but since most of them were already fully booked we just opted for this. But even before this was already my first choice because of its historic charm, and when my sister made further research on this she found out that this was where most photo shoots and MTV shootings took place. So that knowledge basically sealed the deal of how historic it is. haha.

Seriously though, as creepy as it looks, this hotel actually used to be the original Kuala Lumpur Station. It has been existing for more than a hundred years that its structure is still very Islamic. Not only does it provide a great view of the old Islamic buildings in the neighborhood but also still even has that old railway station at the back, which made our commuting around the city very convenient. To top it all off this place is very cheap and the personnel were great.

They were so great that they still accommodated us at 2am even though our check in time was 2pm, and to think they were a bit hesitant coz they were already fully booked. On the other hand, maybe they just took pity on us because when I called them up upon our arrival, I told them, with all the sadness in my voice, that if they couldn't accommodate us we'll just have to sleep at some benches in the airport (which was really our original plan, but we were just too tired to even think about it). I must have been one heck of a great actress. haha!

The Famous Malaysian Chicken

Waking up late, missing our breakfast, we decided to just have our brunch somewhere in the vicinity of Petronas, since that was our very first destination. When we got to KLCC Suria we immediately found NANDO's, and I've heard great reviews about this Resto from It's kinda like our own Jo's Chicken Inato but very hot and spicy . It's quite good but still too spicy for my taste, but the locals must be loving it coz they were really lining up for it. A great feature of this resto though is their store related humor printed on its menu. Very cute.

The great PETRONAS towers

If there's one best description for Petronas that would be SHINY. I already expected the twin towers to be, well, towering, but I never expected it to be that shiny. No kidding! it was so shiny that you could actually check out your teeth on its facade, kidding actually! haha. Seriously when you look at it you could just imagine how long and how many it takes to maintain its shiny-ness.

By the way that's the lady guard at Petronas Tower 1. Ain't she just pretty?. But I've noticed that most Muslim women are really pretty even if they are covered up like Afghan women. Janjan even thought of approaching them for some eye make up tips. I wonder what their response to that would have been. hmmm.


Their Chinatown is our version of Tabo Sabanay. Everything is first class - first class imitation. Too bad it rained when we got there. But nonetheless I still got a very great deal from my friend friend Mike who was very much infatuated with my beauty.haha. From the MYR180 worth of scarves I only got it for MYR80. Not only that , I also got a free necklace from him. All these in exchange for a picture with me added by some false hopes. I was so attractive that I got asked for my number three times and twice they gave me their numbers in hopes that I would contact them. There was even once in Bukit Bintang that the sales ladies thought I was an actress coz I seem to know Jericho Rosales (who is very popular there) quite well, but I humbly told them that Jericho and I are just friends. See being showbiz pays off. hahaha...

I really don't mind the flattery as long as I get discounts. ha! once a user will always be a user! Anyway to sum it all up, let's just say that in some culture, I am very beautiful..I just hope that I can also be as beautiful in Spain as well. please lord.

The Transpo

Malaysia's railways may not be as bongga as Singapore's but they still serve their purpose nonetheless. With our two days stint in KL my sister and I pretty much got the hang of their transportations. We even rode the buses to get around the city, and it's not that hi tech coz their system is similar to our jeepneys here wherein you just pay the fare to the driver or the conductor. The only ride perhaps that's worth worth complaining is their TEKSIs (taxi) Never was there a time when they used their meter. I don't know why, but I somehow felt we were overcharged, and by the way not using a meter is already normal for them. That's why getting acquainted with the buses and trains is really a must. Besides, what better way to immerse in one's culture than to be in their public utility vehicles.


Is the casino and amusement park on top of the mountain. It's very cold that you could actually see the fog on top of the roller coaster rides. Good thing we brought our scarves coz if not, we would be freezing our wanna-be-fashionable-asses off in that mountain. And they say that it was already a good weather coz there was a sun compared to a month or so before when its temperature reached 11 degree celcius. Had I known, I would just have worn a fashionable coat instead. as if!

Getting there was fun coz we got share a taxi ride with the three locals who were very friendly but whose names were so difficult to pronounce. At first you'd hear it as Ann Su or something but when you repeat it they'd try to correct you and say "no no it's Uhn Suh." It's very difficult that it's like learning french in malaysia. But they were nice, those three. Their english is pretty good compared to the others that we've met, but mehn when you talk to them you'd feel like you're already the best english speaker in the entire world. Don't mean to insinuate something just plain bragging :)

By the way they also have best and safest roads. If you ever get to see how big and well placed their roads are then, without a doubt, you'd conclude that our roads to Busay is a road kill. Trust me.

Coffee Terraces

The package that we got was actually an either or of lunch buffet and amusement rides, plus free cable car and bus ride. Naturally, since my tiny sister is the biggest eater I've ever known, we went for the buffet, and since we only have 2 meals/day this was already very worth it. They have a variety of international cuisine, so we tried to try as much of everything as possible, and not everything tastes good. Take for example their local specialty ice kachang - it is nothing compared to our very own halo-halo. But all in all it wasn't really disappointing coz my tummy banked on the sushis, coz number 1 - I know how expensive they really are and number 2 - I could never go wrong with sushi. :)

More of Genting

I think Genting was patterned after Vegas. In a way that hotels and casinos are scattered everywhere. Their amusement parks are located both indoor and outdoor, and it's very ideal when you go there with a group of friends. They also have small chinese temples, but with its sinful surroundings it's no question why not many people go there.

The ultimate highlight of Genting though is their cable car rides. From what I've read, it is the longest in Southeast Asia and it lasts around 15 mins more or less. What makes it even more cooler is that you actually pass by the top of the very thick forest, so basically you get a bird's eye view of everything. It's a very greeny ride and quite an experience.

Bukit Bintang at night

If you consider Manila as the melting pot, then I wonder what you'd think of Bukit Bintang. This place is kinda like Chinatown but more organized and more diversed. It's so diverse that you could actually see and mingle with all kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds. From the whites to blacks, chinese, arabs, muslim, christians, hindus and of course us Pinays, they're all there. It's pretty amazing when you think about it, coz by then you could say that this is the real utopia where everyone gets along with everybody. But hey we only stayed there for a couple of hours so I really wouldn't know for sure. haha.

A tip though, if you ever go Kuala Lumpur and do intend to really shop, go to this place coz this is their shopping district and their prices are quite cheaper than those of the glamorous malls. Trust me, I know, coz by this time I was already a master at mental currency conversion. ha!

Authentic Chinese Food

According to my feeling expert sister, Janjan, "you would know if it's authentic chinese food when the ones serving are real chinese." That's why she was so willing splurge on those "chinese" foods coz apparently they are very aunthentic, but if you ask me, she was splurging more on the chinese people serving our food. And if she ever goes to China you bet she'd be as broke as a pauper.


There are several things why I like Malaysia. Among them is their buildings. They have the most unbelievable architecture that I've ever seen (they even surpass those of Singapore's), probably because most of their buildings has a of touch of their Islamic culture. And I personally find that appealing coz it's like proud trademark of their identity.
I also like how they go on sale, because when they do it's a really big thumbs up discount. Unlike here when a store goes on sale they put up big 50% off on their posters but when you get inside they only give the 50% discounts on their not so good items and 10% on their nice items. There when it's sale it's really SALE. But unfortunately since we were just the poor people from the Philippines, we just did what poor people do - posing in front of the high end stores tadah! we already have a Louis Vuitton ---> pic. haha.
Lastly, I so the cultural diversity. I thought I'd only see those Afghan women outfit, (wherein they are covered in black from head to toe with the exception of their eyes) on TV but there were actually a number of them strolling around Malaysia. There were also a lot of western tourist who had gotten quite comfortable in this Muslim country. One of them even played his guitar and sang a Beatle song to a local Malay at one of the sidewalk.

So you see Malaysia's advertisement is really true.. coz it's TRULY ASIA.