Thursday, September 24, 2009

soooo la.agan...

my Heroes...

Aguinaldos, Mabinis and Bonifacios...
are now coming with me to CDO...

Gracias Alkansya!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BOBOTic job...

And I thought her job was glamorous....

but I have to admit she still got the best job there is...

Not only is she paid to doodle her working hours away, she also get to have her designs printed for nationwide consumption. And must I add that she also get to keep a lot of shirts! unfair is that?!

Anyway, I'm just happy to finally see people wearing bobot. I'm also glad that bobot is going places with his friends. He's gone quite far you know, considering his humble beginnings at the pages of the dog eared high school notebooks his owner. Haaaay.. how time flies...Going back, I am sooo irritatingly proud that his owner is working in a place that suits her best. I can't imagine her working in a another place, but if she does, I can only picture her grumpy face. haha.

Hey ARTWORK hire me! I may not be the best doodler in town, but I have talents, and Jea can give you her word that I can do a pretty good dirty job with that hammer. wink !-) But if by any chance you can't find a spot for me, well at least give some shirts! And no it's not a demand... just a wishful thought from a fan who is dying 50 to 60 years from now! mercy please? :)

J... gimme a ring when you're gonna do another store set up here in Cebu akie? If I still don't get to bring a hammer, at least be assured that I'll always be bringing the best chismis in town.. hahaha

september lovin now on two...

i like kids...

i like their infectious silly little laugh...

and their snooty snoby ways...

i like how calm they are when eating...

and how they become jumpy when seeing something exciting...

i like how they appreciate the little things you give...

and how they exchange it with a genuine happy smile...

September Lovin' now on two!!!

Dear God.

i may not be the perfect daughter that i am supposed to be, but i still want to collect my birthday gift from you. please grant me the gift of more blessings in this borrowed life so i can continue to be of blessing to others. make me your instrument, your ambassador of goodwill, your very own Angelina Jolie, and i swear i'll make a maddox, zahara and pax out of the needy kids i encounter. but if it is your wish to give me an extra brad pitt, then by all means, thy will be done. thanks God.

p.s. don't forget to wrap those gifts :)

special thanks to kym for the cupcakes; fauve for the books; mia for the lechon manok; the rest of the DDG for sharing your precious time with these kids; and most of all the September babies for making this possible for two years now! wohoo!!!


The only difference with birthdays is that when you are younger you have everything to expect on that special day. BUT. As you get older that special day turns into an ordinary day and with nothing to expect.

A few days ago I unwillingly turned twenty three. I expected nothing on that day, but I got something I could ever hoped for and more...

Planning is something foreign in my body, it's not in me and it's not for me (must be why I'm stuck in this blueprinted-less life). On many occasions I'll most probably pass off as the most boring creature God has ever created, only EXCEPT when something happens that is not at all planned like on 09.17.09...

With 3 of us in tow, 3 digits worth of gas and 3 kinds of junk food to get us by, we kicked off my 23 years of existence with a trip down south. The trip that has been on my forever-waiting-to-do-list that finally materialized without much planning except for what dress we wore... for picture purposes.

With no itinerary in mind, but occasional stops at historical churches and places, again for picture purposes, we stumbled upon a giant picture perfect machine. Giddy with childish excitement and oozing with teenage charms we found ourselves face to face with the green flying monster giant we call helicopter or should I be suave and say the chopper? ooohh...

As cam whore as we are, no time was wasted in our making love to the cameras as we posed to every click of the button while making sure that daddy chopper got every angle. But nothing prepared us for the surprise treat we had on that day. As much as I would want to brag about it and make everbody hate me, I can't coz I'm sworn to secrecy. And I have every intention of keeping my promise but I only have this to say.... it was the ultimate HIGH! literally and figuratively.

The long and curvy road to round the south was still kilometers and hours away. But with every turn of the wheel and stop we made, I just couldn't help but smile the giddly smile because even if the trip wasn't over we already got so much out of it. And if my highschool teacher saw me on that state of mind and told me for the second time in my lifetime to stop showing my teeth, I would never care less, in fact I'll even encourage her to show hers, so she and i would be tie. haha...

I had a very happy September 17, 2009, made me forgot how unaccomplished I still am at 23. Oh well 24 is still yet to come... haha

On 09.17.10 I still will not expect anything... but maybe a little for a change. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hear ye! hear ye!

shirts.. dresses... bags... shoes... and etc etc...

SEE YA! and BE THERE! :)
spread the news...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

35mm frustrations...

These are all the decent shots that was left out of the 4 36 shots of 35mm films that I brought with me on my latest travel. Imagine the pain and frustration painted all over my face when I received the processed films. It hurts so much that I wanted to cry right then there at the studio. Not knowing why it turned out to be that way, and knowing that i spent so much for those films plus the processing. I never wanted a digital camera so badly till that day.

The old school way of picture taking is so damn challenging and expensive that it gave me so much stress and pressure. The anticipation of what the outcome would be is already killing! much more when it has a really crappy result. But when you also get pretty good shots it guarantees to give you the euphoria. And that's the beauty of films, it evokes the extremes of emotions. However as of now I'm just plain frustrated.

Oh well.. definitely there's still a lot more to learn.

Some of the few shots that I loved among the very few decent batch. Did a bit of editing coz I just feel like it. And besides I like black and white, and anything old school-ish.

Alin, alin, alin ang na iba?

Before came 4 wheels

Before came metropolis

So psyched to use for the first time the real B&W films. Can't wait for that day to come. Counting the days. Wishing no frustrations. What you think should the concept be?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

finally found him...

I found my match yesterday. There's nothing like the moment I first laid my eyes on him. He was everything that I've dreamed of and everything that I will still continue dreaming of.
He's so modern, sophisticated, sleek comfy and to die for. He's the type that makes me want to introduce him to my dad. I bet my dad will definitely approve of him but knowing my dad I'm pretty sure he'll be levelheaded and say the most hurting practical line : YOU CAN'T AFFORD HIM.
True. I can't afford this baby.
I made mention in my one of my blogs from way back of how I truly wished to have a house made up of home theater and dvds. It was just one of my many wishful thinking. But when I saw my dream home theater for real and in flesh yesterday, all I could do was just sigh and shamelessly inquired about the price, then sighed again.
Oh well! I don't think I could ever afford this in my lifetime. But my baby is soooooooo ideal. Seriously. I wouldn't mind if that's all there is to my house or make that my house period! I don't care about the space (but maybe a bit of extra square meters for my CR and cabinet for clothes), just leave me with all that and I'll be having the big bright red smile of Ronald Mcdonald forever. A hyperbole, sure! but hey, who ever is willing to bet on it, I'll be up for the challenge. Just give me the home theater first and you got yourself a deal.
My dad would be right. I can't afford him. I don't even come close to affording him. He is so out of my reach. But what if maybe, just maybe, I give him the look of the lifetime that would make him come crawling to me, do you think this could work?
Ha! Crazy I know. But heck I'm already referring to an "it" as a him, so that should say a lot about my intense gravitational pull towards him. Whatever! He slash "it" has just been marked in my COTU Catalogue Of The Universe. By the power of positive thinking you'll come to me! crossing my fingers! pushing my luck! pressuring the cosmics! and hoping for a good karma.
by the way you can find this at Creative Audio Visual Commercial at Parkmall they specialize in that kind of stuff. i'm not a client of theirs nor did they ask me to advertise but since they made me drool over their whole concept I'm giving them credit for free! I should be given a home theater for this! haha

Friday, September 4, 2009

trailer mania

I seldom watch movies inside the movie house (with the exception of freebie film fests =)), that on an average I probably just shell out P150 once a year to catch a movie. But with all these taken into consideration, I still consider myself to be a big lover of rolling films. Ironic, I know. But through the intense competition and hard selling of "debedee retailers" on the side.. streets, I get to enjoy 3 movies with my P150. So that should explain why I came to be a lover of movies.
Going back, on those very seldom times that I watch a movie, the legal way, I always look forward to the trailer. I like watching trailers, it gives me a certain fascination. I like the idea that a number of movies are squeezed into a few good minutes coz it makes me feel as if I've already watched a lot of movies, even though in reality they are just pseudo-movies. If only trailers can be movies and a movie can all be trailers, then I would certainly have no second thoughts spending P150. But hey that's just me and my odd ball way of thinking.
I'm just sooooooo glad that youtube was invented coz I get to see my trailers anytime I want. Though the feel is not quite the same as when inside the moviehouse but at least it is an almost. Ergo, I shall not complain.
Anyway let me share this must watch movie and must have debedee...just click on the titles
Brothers starring Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Jake "mmmm" Gyllenhaal. very very intense! can't wait
And the rest of the must watch trailers:

500 days of Summer kinda old school cool
September Issue true to life Devil Wears Prada
Coco before Chanel from nobody to legendary --> kym ramos for you
Sherlock Holmes love it!
Alice in Wonderland whimsical
Couples Retreat no brainer down right funny
My Sister's Keeper tearjerker
Paper Heart very cute and cool
Funny People funny with a sense
Sin Nombre interestingly realistic
I Hate Valentines Day heartwarming no brainer
The Girl from Monaco surprising

and many many more :D