Tuesday, August 23, 2011

castles in the sky...

There was once a man who became unstuck in the world
He took the wind for a map.
He took the sky for a clock and he set off with no destination.

He was never lost.

~ Taylor Steele


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Monday, August 22, 2011

beating LLSsS....

Would it still be called LSS if the songs is still stuck in your head for almost a week?!

Surely it would defy the technicalities considering that LSS which stands for Last Song Syndrome actually only refers to one specific song. The numeric aspect is already faulty, plus the fact that these songs in my head are not literally the last songs I've heard. Because the last one I heard is this raunchy unknown disco song that is being played by our uncool neighbor. Thank goodness it's not as catchy as other bad songs, coz the playlist in my head would surely flip at the additional poor mixture, like they're some hoity toity alta de sociedad.   

Going back, since this thing I have in my head is pretty much unnamed (I think), I shall therefore call it LLSsS "Last Last Song's' Syndrome." I'm so original! hahaha. Corny I know! but what the heck, humor is still humor regardless of depths, even though mine is just floating in the shallow ends.

I don't like sharing songs that much for selfish personal reasons, but I just thought that maybe if I do this, the humming in my head would end. The humming is not annoying, I just don't have right lyrics to go with the hum, and my sister thinks that wrong-slash-made-up lyrics is waaay more annoying, which I, unfortunately, have the reputation for. So really, I just don't wanna be in the same annoying category as our neighbor.


Friendly Fires - Edge of Glory

#1 in my head!!!!!! But you can't help it, their version is just waaaay better than Lady Gaga's. This is also the reason why I love BBC's Live Lounge soooo much! It's so cool how different artists puts personal spin on the songs of their contemporaries.

Jaime T - If you got the money

It's all that FatKidInside's fault! I hate Erwan! eeee!!!! Can't help but still giggle like a school girl at the thought of him. It's already bad enough to get stuck at the only line I know.. "if you got no money I think it would be funny...," then be stuck with the idea of him. I hate it! ** deep inside my dark skin I am blushing**

I Blame Coco - Bohemian Love

For this I blame Nina Japeth Caballero! Thanks Bal... ;)


There are still other two that I have already posted. Worlds Apart by The Mostar Diving Club which I already posted below this entry, and the other one is Crying by TV on the Radio a blog track on below the below of this entry... 

For now I shall wait on the result of my theory on sharing is curing. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

never too late for brilliante...

 It's the ...

And let 08/04/11 be marked as the day of  my red carpet "devirginization" ( if there is such a word). Special thanks to my dear amazing friend Mayang and to her amazing relative connections. Because without her relatives she wouldn't be there, and without her, I wouldn't be there...

Understandably, I had no idea as to what the dos and don'ts of a red carpet thing is, but figured that as long as we torture our feet for a couple of hours in heels then we could pass off as red carpet pros. Beso here, beso there. Chit chats over a glass of 4 seasoned cocktail juice in one hand, while keeping my balance from one foot to the other, is such a social life!

 Being a social butterfly is no easy task! It's too much effort! Most especially when you just want to be a caterpillar and squirm at the fact that the world renowned Brialliante Mendoza is just a few feet away from you. 

This close dude!!!
But I left my confidence at home, so I didn't get a picture with him (there was a group pic though, but it's useless when you don't know who owned that camera. tsk!) So Brilliante was in the end, so near yet so far...

I've never seen his movies until this,  but I've always been a fan of his accomplishments. It brings out such nostalgic pinoy pride in me. It doesn't happen much but when it does, it sure is something. Then when you watch his film you become more in awe of his brilliance! All I can say is that his/ this movie would surely evoke a lot of feelings in you even after the credits have rolled up.

Though I think his film was brilliant in the post-modernism kind of way, it still kind of bothers me that it has to take this kind of theme and genre to be appreciated by the elitist world outside. Perhaps the rawness of the plot caught me off guard to the extent that even I, as a Filipino, is still shocked and bothered by the on goings of this society that I'm living in. It's a sad sad sad reality at the same time it raises the bar of respect towards those who had to live on that kind of life. The way Brilliante directed the film, putting emphasis on the literally tiring journeys and struggles of the characters, makes you feel what it's like to live their life. And it sure is NOT easy! so you gotta give it up to them.

It's ironic how other countries gives accolades to Brilliante's films, when it should have been his very own that should be making noises for him for his vivid depictions of the socio-cultural issues of this country, by dissecting into the everyday lives our Juan and Juana. I bet we would learn a thing or two, especially those in the government.

Beyond all the ugly truths, I sincerely think that Brilliante's films are all about empowering. Opening the senses to the realities around, then absorbing the facts before challenging the viewers on this simple question: What can you do?

HEAVY ??!!!!!!!!! I feel like in 2nd year High School about to submit a free writing composition to Mdm. Generale. Haha!. On the lighter side.....

Moy! there goes my super duper belated bday present.... enjoy!.. ;)

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