Saturday, October 29, 2011

October files flies (uno)....

It's sem break finally! never looked more forward to it than now...
And because I've been pretending to be too busy for my good lately - as if! It's now time to catch up on the October happenings, rather gatherings...
October something-ish, 2011

Over pizza and beer, roads and indecision, stomachs tanked on foood...

 Me and me villains finally chilled under the hot set of the Sunday sun... 

 Catching up on the good ol' days like we were ever good... 

Remember, me pardner in crime?... 

 Together with butt of our jokes, the ultimate mister of our lives and who I'm guessing is questioning his choice of friends.   

 Smile boy, you can't get rid of us... sorry... bwhahaha --> evil laugh!
You know you love us anyway.... ;)

Which reminds me, I haven't seen your faces since then... 
Another sunny Sunday date perhaps?

P.S. Paolo, Me and Sheengai will promise to bring bikinis and towel this time ;)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

you gorgeous Caramoan!....

It takes a 9 hour bus ride from Cubao to Naga.
1 hour and 30 mins from Naga Terminal to Sabang.
30 mins tricyle ride from Sabang proper to the port.
2 hour banka ride to Caramoan.
1 hour super duper bumpy tricyle ride to La Playa Camp. 

then it's....


 Just look at you!

  I'd be lucky to be your local. 

But seriously, searching the ends for you was very starving...

now look what happened to that fish! Poor crispy fried fish... why'd you ever be sooo tasty?!
Ahhh the tinuktukan on the left... a second order of your finely chopped coconut meat, oregano filled, spiciness  wrapped in alugbati is not enough to satisfy my cravings, even up to now and I'm miles away....

Good thing your island resto's homecooked meals are sooo delish that it filled our ever hungry tummies to its roundness. 
Full and recharged it's time to explore your islets and strike those poses....

Ready ... 1... 2... 3 ....


A beautiful scenery deserves only the best bods. We may not succeed on the bods, but at least we succeeded on the angles. wink!

But considering that we were the only ones roaming around the islets, I guess it's safe to say the we easily swept the best beach bods category. I love winning competition-less. hahaha.

Kidding not, us September babies had faced too much disappointing well planned plans, that we decided to just throw the plans out and embark on this spontaneous thoughtless journey. The result?... everybody was out in the city for the PiƱafrancia in Naga, and we only learned that till we got to the resort where we were the only guests EVER. Understandably, we were also the only ones roaming around the peninsula, trying to be survivors like those French stuck in this island. 

Like you would mind being stuck in an island as gorgeous as this.

Trust when I say that this is mother nature at its glorious best. And Chawi said it best that you can never capture the beauty of Caramoan on cam.

There are probably about 8 nearby islands in the area, by nearby I mean really near. That if it's on land I'd say, malakaw ra na, but since it's not, I'd say ma swim ra xa.  I forgot the names of the islets, because my brain was just not functioning right. But this I could not forget...

 The highlight of our island hopping adventure.

Rock climbing in Matukad Island...

  in all fashion and smiles... no sweat oi!

We really were just fakers and posers, sweating and running out of breath. Hanging on to our dear lives while climbing barefoot and yelping to the sharpness of the lime stones. It's actually such a challenge, considering how dangerous, steep and sharp everything around us is. One wrong move could mean the death of you. Maybe not, but if you'll live, just expect gruesome cuts and bruises. Trust me I've been there --> there goes the smug proud me. haha.

 Taking on the dangers was the only way to reach the top and to the mystical inner island lake.
As Kuya Arnie (our super duper good guide, who had unquestionable faith in our ability to climb the rocks, literally. He did not ask whether or not we would want to climb, instead just said follow me. He must have figured that with us, there's really no need to ask, good thinking!) shared, there used to be 2 big Bangus on the lake, unfortunately the other one was taken by some nosy local. Karma to him, he immediately died upon reaching home for some unexplainable reason, just like every other filipino folklore. So now there's the one and only lonely Bangus swimming in his little kingdom lake.  
Blisters and pain are nothing compared what awaits the top.

Wake up oldie...

This was what I woke up to on my 25th year. So beautiful that it brought out the sentimental quarter life crisis in me. ha! kidding. I was actually just busy thinking about the things I've accomplished in the last 25 years. Unfortunately I was short listed, so I shifted my thoughts to the local kids playing in the waters nearby. Can't help but think how they have the best playground in the world. Imagine waking up to this. Of course this might not be new to them, but I just hope they realize how blessed they are to experience an everyday life with the natural beauty of mother nature. I hope that they become the generation who'd be less fazed by the destructive development of technology and devote their lives to saving their natural playground for the kids to come.
I'm lucky to be born in this beautiful country. Happy two five to me!

it's time to go...

Gotta drop by St. Michael Parish Church first.
Then again it's closed, for the priest is enjoying the fiesta at PiƱafrancia.

Bye Gorgeous.
I wish to be selfish and keep your beauty a secret. 
Unfortunately, you're just tooo beautiful to be kept a secret, so I shall tell.... 

To Askal and whoever wishes to go, here's how...

Cubao Terminal to Naga City - bus P850
(overnight bus, starting from 8pm onwards..)
Naga City to Sabang - bus P60
Sabang to the Port going to Caramoan - tricycle P60
banka - P150 or P200 (not sure)
Caramoan Port to La Playa Camp - tricycle P150
Room (good for 4pax) - P 1,200
Island hopping (good for 2, i think) - P 1,200
Food (per meal) - P 100

Recommend to stay at La Playa Camp as this will be the jump off point to the island hopping. It's on the beachfront, cheap, and has perfect sunrise view of the islands.  Most of the accommodations are at the town center and it takes sometime to get to the jump off points. Lastly, there's no cell signal, except for Smart.  

Enjoy the provincial life!
Love Pinas! ;)