Sunday, November 27, 2011

a feast to tomorrow's misery...

tooo many happenings...
way tooo many blogs to catch up on...
 my lazy self apologizes to my friends and only followers...
i promise (slash that)! will try my best to blog when the mood strikes...
ergo, wish that it won't be the lazy Lé mood ;) 

as I said too many happenings has happened lately, nothing that big of a deal really except for that one big realization that has finally slapped me big time in the face or shall i say tummy. YES! i have a big bloating tummy, and it's not looking pretty.. AT ALL!

i knew that i had a tummy problem, but like any addict i was in denial and i was hiding it behind my fashionably loose shirts and tops. unfortunately, i could deny no longer that when in bikini the abs in my head are actually flabs in reality, with pictures and videos as my gaddamn! reminder. so tomorrow i shall start my rehabilitation and hit the gym. for real this time.... haaaay hope.... 

so for the last meal before my hours of torture....

i owe the simplest pasta recipe to our favorite frenchie girl crush Anouck. Here's how...

1. Saute white onions in olive oil then add a dash of sugar.
2. On the other side of the pan fry the salmon. Then mix them together.
3. Add the cream and toss the penne in.
4. a sprinkle with salt and pepper.
5. then EAT!

Trust me it's really good. Reminder to self : thank Anouck big time!!!
As for the salad... naaah i just got that from the magazine and made some twists. I won't write the how to coz it's long and i'm turning lazy. hehe.

 Sided it with my ever reliable garlic oregano bread. there goes my dish on the right. 
down is the after scene and tomorrow I gotta need to...

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October files flies... (dos)

Oktubre Kinse's Fiesta Lesson Highlights....

Lesson # 1

Impress your guy with your cooking skills. 
Make him proud with your newly acquired slicing talent. 

Never mind if your friend makes fun of your kitchen inadequacies.
It's the effort that counts.

And never mind if your boy is very much allergic to what you're cooking.

Lesson #2

Always take the initiative!
Make your friend a Facebook account, despite her utmost resistance to join the fold.

Besides, it is with the bestest "personal" intention at heart. 

Plus, wouldn't it be just nice for Gayle Opsima to want to be your friend?!


Lesson #3

Expose yourself to your field of studies.
If you're a law student, there's no greater lawful insight than coming face to face with legalities of life.

Don't be deceived by that big bright smile for behind it she's already citing the full article on child labor.
If not, well I guess she was just happy to witness one real case. 


Lesson  #4

Hit those Peryas like you're running after their money!

Outwit the games of chances.
Even if it's a ridiculously stupid strategy!
At least it's worth the laughs....

But when you start losing your coins...
It's past time to really think where to put those piso.

In the end, you learn that you really can't outwit the Perya veterans in their games.
Losing those hard found coins is 

Especially when you'll just have to walk all the way home.

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