Thursday, July 28, 2011

dear bono,

i don't like coffee but...


i'd like nothing more than to have a cup of coffee with you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

aussie chicken schnitzel ...

The Aussie Chicken Schnitzel
 because you can't just watch Junior Masterchef and not crave n' cook...

And because these people more than half my age and almost my size challenged me....haaay kids these days!!!

I know.... it's been months since the show has ended, but in a house where TV and cable are not "in," you'd definitely have to understand why I'm sooo ancient with the latest buzzes in the world. In all fairness to me I've heard of the show, only it was already towards the end, because by then FB people started posting how amazing the kids were blah blah. I of course, as a curious George, had to  turn on to the ever reliable Youtube to know what it's all about, and like everyone else I was amazed. But now that I'm doing a marathon of the show, I am totally blown away by the unbelievable talents of these kids!!!!! Soooo unreal that I think there's a conspiracy behind the show. My theory?.... they are really adults suffering from stunted growth... haha!

Though seriously, it's just sooo damn hard to watch these people half my age and almost my height, whipping up some complicated culinary masterpieces whose names are also as complicated to pronounce. Their cooking skills and their creative presentation are so annoyingly good that I feel more like a juvenile compared to them. I could only imagine them ten years from now donning their white coats and aprons feeding the world, while I'll be part of the world waiting to be fed.

Going back to the dish, this was actually the recipe of their chef host Gary something and I decided that it was actually pretty simple. I'll gladly tell you how simple it is, but I think it's better if you search for episode 6 of the Junior Masterchef. Trust me, they just explain it better. wink!

This schnitzel was actually very foreign to me. It sounds vaguely familiar but I've never come close to knowing what it is. Besides, it's too posh compared to what I'm used to... tinuwa, pinirito, ginisal etc. etc. The dishes that the kids make are actually intimidating, mostly because of what they're called and partly because of the ingredients used. Good thing this schnitzel's ingredients are not that hard to find. But I was just really lucky to find some fresh herbs at the grocery (all thanks to cosmic timing). Then there's also the process, the pounding of the meat, preparation of the salad and the most interesting part, the making of the bread crumbs. Seriously, we had to use real bread for our bread crumbs. But we had to put it in a blender, together with the parmesan cheese, herbs and spices and etc. to really crumb the bread. It's amazing! I was so reliant on those packed bread crumbs that I never questioned why it's called bread in the first place, but now that I've come face to face with the real bread crumbs I shall be more questioning of it's actual bread content. Mark my words!

I haven't tasted any other schnitzel so I really wouldn't know if that's how a schnitzel should taste like. But everyone enjoyed it so I guess it was okay.

Gary something's Aussie Chicken Schnitzel with fresh tomato salad with grilled eggplants and fresh mozzarella .
Plus my sister's mashed potato, her experiment of course. haha

Trivia from Wikipedia:

Schnitzel (German pronunciation: [ˈʃnɪtsəl]) is a traditional Austrian dish made with boneless meat thinned with a mallet (escalope-style preparation), coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

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