Saturday, February 26, 2011

cheapo lovin'

It's a known fact that the person writing this very blog is a self confessed cheapo. Thus, in lieu of the belated and uncelebrated Valentine's day, I shall devote this entire blog on read this: 

(So cheeeeezy I'm smiling right now. Eeeeeeeee. I kilig myself. Shit!)

 A Box of Cornflakes.

A box of chocolates won't melt my heart. A dozen flowers won't sweeten my disposition. But a box full of Cornflakes would definitely make a hero out anyone in my eyes, especially if the box is big. 

Pirated DVDs 
(slashed that to be safe)

3 for 100 is the simplest arithmetic to my illegal happiness. Just make certain it's dvd copy, coz though a cheapo, quality is still of importance.

 A compilation of MY kind of Songs

Minus one is sooooo yesterday. Gotta go with the times dude, burn me a CD of the coolest songs. By cool I mean: 1. not the crappy standard love songs  and 2. not those songs that everybody sings to, because obviously number 1 is what number 2 sings to. Surprise me, I'm easy like that!

Second hand books

Because Booksale is such a haven that all those other bookstores pale in practical comparison. Anyway, it doesn't really have to come from Booksale, it's just that if you give me a second hand book then it would speak chapters about yourself, and besides only a person who  truly appreciates books knows what books to give. Who knows I might enjoy reading your chapters along the way..... ooooohhhh pick up line! hahaha.


Skip the fancy meal for a tank full of gas and go to nowhere. Nothing is better than just being on the road and me NOT driving. Aaaahhhhhh... that would be a total blissful break from my driver life.Trust me I'd be the most pleasant and entertaining passenger on that day off.

And yet all these just made me realize that I'm still a girl who once in a while would like to dress up and play fancy, even for just a candle lit dinner in a restaurant I won't have pay for. I'll still be the cheapo me, but only in a dress and heels. ;)


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Monday, February 21, 2011


I feel like this would be the death of me.


A dosage of adrenaline rush is what I need. To feel my heart beating fast and to remind me that it's still there. To be aware of the moment and hear tick of the seconds. To see everything at once and at once realize what everything is about. To live, to die. To die, to live.

 I see it happening on the cold concrete stairs. But I'd rather see myself fall into the ocean. 

Dying to cliff dive!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

drag acts...drug acts....

Shaved heads, rave heads, on the pill, got too much time to kill
get into bands and gangs,

loved up, doved up, hung around, stoned in a lonely town
shaking their meat to the beat,

High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine
shaking their bits to the hits,

Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones.

You don't think about it,
You don't do without it,
because you're beautiful,

 And if your baby's going crazy
that's how you made me,

la, la, la, la...

Ciarra Lyn and Kristine Marie, just two of the many. 
Because I'm blessed with crazy beautiful friends.

To more crazy moments, and to the crazy years ahead.
May we continue to defy sanity and make our world an insanely better place.

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